Top 10 Reasons To Visit Parc Guell in Barcelona

Parc GuellParc Guell, located in Barcelona Spain, is named after Count Eusebi Guell. The original idea for Parc Guell was to be a housing project, but was not successful and building ceased after only two homes were built. The location is now a large garden complex designed by famous architect Antoni Gaudi.

The following article breaks down the top ten reasons to visit:

1. Gaudi House Museum – The museum is named after famed architect Antoni Gaudi. He lived in the house for a short period before his death. He is known as “God’s Architect.”

2. Art Nouveau Architecture – The various buildings such as the Gaudi hotel are perhaps the best examples of Art Nouveau architecture in the world.

3. Stunning Views – The views from Gaudi Park Guell are known to be some of the best in Barcelona.

4. Chapel – The chapel is located at the top of the park above the city and provide great views. The chapel is decorated with a large cross.

5. Sagrada Familia – This yet to be completed church was Antoni Gaudi’s ultimate masterpiece design. It is currently under construction.

6. Municipal Garden – The municipal garden is full of features that were designed by Gaudi and some of his followers. The garden in known for its uniqueness and beauty.

7. Sea Serpent – The sea serpent bench was designed by Gaudi and is located at the entrance of the park.

8. Great Spanish Food – Surrounding the park are a variety of eateries that showcase some of the best food Barcelona has to offer.

9. Serenity and Ambiance – The combined architecture and natural landscape of the park give it a peaceful ambiance found in few places throughout Barcelona.

10. Mosaics – Several of the structures at Parc Guell are ordained with beautiful mosaic designs created by Gaudi.

The park is a very popular place to visit and is host to several hundred thousand visitors each year. It can be visited as part of a tour or on its own.