Top 10 Rio de Janeiro Attractions in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro AttractionsYou are dreaming about going to Rio de Janeiro one day or already visiting this amazing city for the Carnival season. And you are wondering what to do in Rio de Janeiro. Do not worry and stay tuned! Below we present the top 10 list of the most popular Rio de Janeiro attractions that you simply can not miss during your next Brazil vacation.

1. Christ the Redeemer Statue tops the list of our hottest Rio de Janeiro attractions because this iconic creation became a symbol of Rio since its opening ceremony back in 1932. This grotesque 44 meter tall statue sits atop of Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park in Brazil. The best time of the day to see the beauty of this architectural creation is evening or night time that allows you to admire the city of Rio from bird’s eye view.

2. Deliciously named Sugar Loaf Mountain amazingly resembles a refined loaf of sugar. The mountain sits at the Guanabar Bay in Rio de Janeiro. Visitors take 2 3-minute cable car rides to reach the mountain viewing area. Here, a beautiful panorama of the city is opened for your enjoyment and photo opportunities. Additionally, you can try rock climbing the Sugar Loaf Mountain or simply watch others do so.

3. Sambodromo, Rio de Janeiro street is the official place for holding annual Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. Lots of local samba schools compete here in hopes to become the winners of this exciting and colorful event. Young and older samba dancers take part in this 4-day event during a Carnival week that should not be missed during your Brazilian vacation. You will not regret paying a high ticket price to watch barely clad sun-kissed bodies in colorful costumes performing this heart-stopping samba dance.

Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens4. Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens are simply a must see attraction since only here you can view over 7,000 varieties of plants as well as 140 species of birds on 350 acres. The actual name of the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens is Jardin Botanica and it was officially opened in 1822. Among the many Rio de Janeiro attractions, the botanical gardens are one of the most famous. With 134 pal tress that spans 800 yards at the entrance, you will be enthralled from the moment that you walk through the gate. RJ Botanical Gardens are a paradise for birdwatchers allowing you to see some 140 bird varieties. Do not miss gigantic royal palm trees guarding fantastic Fountain of the Muses. The Gardens host one of the most famous botanical library in the world and the rarest seeds and samples of dried fruits and plants. You will find the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens a relaxing way to spend some quiet time on your vacation. If you care to learn more about the plants or birds, there is also a library located inside the botanical gardens. You can learn about anything relating to botany. With all of the hustle and bustle going on around you, this would be a good place to slow down and just take in everything around you.

Rio de Janeiro Centro5. Visiting Rio de Janeiro Centro is perhaps the best way of exploring the heart of Brazil holding some of the most distinct and memorable places to see. Choose walking over any other methods of transportation to fully experience the buzzing life of Rio and its hidden gems. Confeitaria Colombo is one of the most beautiful cafeterias in Brazil masterfully decorated with rosewood and Italian marble. Take a break from busy exploration of this beautiful city in one of the tearooms and sample rich coffee, pastry, sandwiches and a large selection of Brazilian dishes in this historical place. Church Igreja Sao Bento is another spectacular baroque style historical building to visit in Rio Center. A myriad of coffee shops, tea rooms and specialty shops add authentic flavor to your Rio de Janeiro experience.

H Stern Gem Museum6. H.Stern Gem Museum is among the most popular Rio de Janeiro attractions allowing its visitors to participate in unique gem polishing workshops. This is the location of the world headquarters for H. Stern, a famous jeweler with jewelry being sold in over 160 stores. World’s most famous jewel trader will display its private collection of rare stones and show you how rough stones are being magically transformed into spectacular jewels. If you are interested in gems or jewelry, this is the perfect place for you to visit. You may only visit by appointment, so be sure to call and find out when you can visit this wonderful museum.

Museum of Carmen Miranda7. There are so many Rio de Janeiro attractions that are worth visiting. One of the must do’s is the Museum of Carmen Miranda. The museum is located at Praga do Flamengo. Museum of Carmen Miranda tells its visitors about the life of an amazing actress and dancer that was once called the highest earning woman performer in the US back in the 50’s. Her signature fruit inspired hats and dresses, accessories and jewels along with other 3,500 personal belongings are displayed at the museum. Among the many exhibits you will see many of her signature platform shoes, dresses and several of her turbans, including the one she wore for her wedding. Visiting Museum of Carmen Miranda is like taking a step back into the history of this Brazilian born actress that found her fame in America.

Maracana Stadium8. If you are a soccer fan, the Maracana Stadium is one of the Rio de Janeiro attractions you will not want to miss. Brazilians are well known for their love of soccer, and this is the stadium where most of it takes place. Maracana Stadium is a must see mainly due to many soccer stars playing at the grounds of this famous stadium. Ronaldo, Pele, Romario, Carlos Alberto and Nilton Santos are just a few soccer celebrities to mention in regard to the Maracana Stadium. The stadium was officially opened back in the 1950 and took its name from the local river flowing nearby. The official name of the stadium is Mario Filho which was the name of the famous sports journalist from the 1950’s that it was named for. The Maracana Stadium is the largest stadium in the world and has a full capacity of 140,000 sports fans. Because of safety standards they do not seat more than 105,000 people. If you are a soccer fan, you will want to try and catch a game in this famous stadium. It is sure not to be a game you will ever forget! The Stadium also hosts concert performances like, for example, Paul McCartney and Wings gathering a record-breaking crowd in the 1990.

Copacabana Beach9. Copacabana Beach is one of the most well known beaches in Brazil offering vast opportunities for fantastic past time and vacations. Here you can swim, lounge, snorkel, play volleyball and sand soccer along with other exciting activities. Copacabana beach area also boasts endless number of bars and restaurants that offer cool drinks and refreshments. This area becomes extremely busy during weekends and holidays and draws the record amount of people for New Year celebrations. While visiting the Copacabana Beach you can choose many fun and exciting activities, or you can decide to find a place in the sand and soak up the sun. You can try surfing, whether you’re a novice or an expert. You can also try snorkeling and diving. There are also nearby bicycle paths if you would rather do something more strenuous. There are several kiosks lining the beach where you can buy anything from sun screen to bathing suits. There are also some hotels either near or on the beach as well as several bars and open air restaurants. This would be a great getaway for singles, couples or families.

Ipanema Beach10. Among all of the Rio de Janeiro attractions and beaches, the Ipanema Beach is one of the most popular. Whether you want to sit on the sand and just soak up some sun, or do something more active, you can have it all at Ipanema Beach. You can play beach volleyball, soccer, which is the number one pastime for Brazilians or you can do some surfing. There are vendors all over the beach that serve your choice of beverages as well as ice cream, cookies (you’ll not want to miss the traditional biscoitos globo), or shrimp on a stick. However you envision your vacation, you will find it here. Ipanema Beach area is an exclusive and expensive district in Rio de Janeiro with perhaps the most attractive real estate options. Ipanema Beach district is home to the hottest bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the city, so expect to pay at least 30% more for almost anything. Ipanema stands for “fast waters” from the Indian, so expect strong waves and currents while you swim or surf.

Talk to your travel agent to explain which Brazilian vacation packages will allow you to see most of Rio de Janeiro attractions. And do not forget to read another article about things to do in Rio de Janeiro for free.