Top 10 Roman Colosseum Facts

Roman Colosseum Facts1. Gladiators play a role in Roman Colosseum facts, because these fighters were used to entertain the crowds. What most people do not realize is that there were more than twenty different gladiator types, and each had specific purposes.

2. Anyone who is looking for things to do in Rome will find the Colosseum fascinating. The architecture, artwork, sheer size, and history of this attraction make it one of the most visited places for tourists from anywhere in the world.

3. As one of the top Rome Italy attractions, the Colosseum sees millions of visitors each year. The area covered by this attraction covers around six acres of land. The audience capacity is between fifty thousand and eight thousand people.

4. There are many Roman Colosseum facts, and one of the most interesting is the number and types of animals used. Animals were brought in from every corner of the Roman empire to be put on display or fought and killed in the arena, and these included bears, zebras, hippos, lions, rhinoceros, hyenas, tigers, ostriches, and many other wild and exotic species.

5. The Colosseum was the place for many types of events and forms of entertainment. This was the central spot where crowds gathered to watch executions, gladiator fights, animal fights, and even religious ceremonies.

6. Some of the best hotels in Rome can arrange for a visit to the Colosseum, and are located a very short distance from this attraction.

7. The Roman Colosseum facts show that there are thirty six hidden trap doors in the arena. These were used to allow for special effects during events.

8. There are many places to visit in Rome, but few inspire the awe that the size of the Colosseum does. The construction of this attraction was done by performed by slaves and master artisans and craftsmen, with each having a specific role in the process.

9. One of the most interesting Roman Colosseum facts is why this attraction was built, and it had numerous purposes. It was a gift to the citizens of Rome, as well as a venue for entertainment and important events.

10. The Colosseum is one of the most frequently asked about attractions for travelers who want Italian vacation packages. This structure has seventy six entrances which are numbered, and four grand entrances which have no numbers.