Top 10 San Francisco Museums

San Francisco MuseumsSan Francisco is a city that is alive with culture and a diversity of residents. Whether you are a native to San Francisco or just visiting, you should not miss visiting some of the amazing and unique San Francisco museums that thrive all over the entire city. If you are interested in finding fun things to do in San Francisco with kids or looking to learn some of the interesting Golden Gate Bridge facts, there is something for everyone. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 10 San Francisco museums.

1. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – Visitors will enjoy magnificent modern art exhibits by artists such as Richard Serra and Dieter Rams.

2. Museum of Performance and Design – Wonderful exhibits such as Toy Theatres; Worlds in Miniature and Designing Wagers Ring are on display for visitors to enjoy. There is also an extensive performing arts library for patrons to make use of.

3. Cartoon Art Museum – Visitors may marvel at the exhibits representative of the history, development and processes of creating comics, cartoons and illustrations.

4. Asian Art Museum – Many wonderful exhibits depicting 6000 years of Asian history are on display in clay and ceramic as well as other mediums.

5. De Young Fine Arts Museum – This magnificent museum exhibits artists such as McCoy Joes and Ralph Eugene Meatyard.

6. Museum of Craft and Folk Art – This museum offers free workshops as well as exhibits by Randy Colosky and a Craft Bar with Etsy Labs.

7. Walt Disney Family Museum – This is one of the most popular San Francisco tourist attractions. This is a great place for kids and adults to learn about the life and history of Walt Disney. This is definitely one of the San Francisco museums that the kids will love.

8. The Exploratorium – This is a great way to spend the day with the kids. This interactive science museum offers optical illusions and fog movements as well as many other activities for visitors to participate in.

9. San Francisco Aquarium – This offers many science exhibits as well as an aquarium and planetarium. When looking for fun things to do in San Francisco, this is the place to be!

10. Contemporary Jewish Museum – This museum depicts the past and present of the Jewish culture in music, poetry, art and photography.

It’s clear that there are many San Francisco museums to choose from. Whichever of these that you choose to spend time in; you will walk away with a better understanding of much of the history and culture that surrounds San Francisco.