Top 10 Serengeti National Park Facts

Serengeti National Park Facts1. Serengeti National Park facts show that more than ninety thousand people from around the world visit the park every year. This number does not include locals who visit the park, just tourists from other places.

2. The Serengeti is the most well known destination for African safari vacations. This is due to the wide diversity of the wildlife found within the park.

3. One of the interesting Serengeti National Park facts is that the ecosystem here is the oldest one on the globe, and has been around for many thousands of years.

4. In more than a million years the wildlife, plants, and other native species in the park have changed little. The pattern of life has not changed at all in these years, and one of the oldest known remains of man dating back two million years were found in the area.

5. One of the most well known Serengeti National Park facts is that the world famous wildebeest migration occurs here every year. Along with wildebeest the migration includes zebras in smaller numbers, and this is an event that is astonishing at its scale. Millions of these animals all migrate at the same time.

6. Serengeti National Park animals include some of the best known African wildlife. Lions, crocodiles, giraffes, elephants, leopards, cheetahs, and many other exotic animals can be sighted in the park.

7. A luxury African safari is possible in the Serengeti National Park, because there is a wide range of accommodations available. Lodges, luxury tens, and other options ensure that you have the comfort level you desire while on vacation.

8. Serengeti National Park facts show that this park is the largest in Tanzania, and one of the most well known all around the world, with a size almost fifteen thousand thousand square kilometers.

9. If you travel Tanzania for the wildebeest migration, arrive in February or March to see the calving before the migration begins. Thousands of calves are all born within a six week period before the animals start to migrate.

10. One of the little known Serengeti National Park facts for visitors who have never been here is that you can tour the Serengeti by hot air balloon. This can be a thrilling way to explore the park and enjoy wildlife sightseeing while relaxing.