Top 10 Silver Dollar City Attractions

Silver Dollar CityIn a state with a refreshing moderate climate, Branson, Missouri is situated in the middle of the picturesque Ozarks. Branson, Missouri an ideal travel location for a family, an individual, or a couple in the need of entertainment, coins the title “show capital of the world.” Looking for the best things to do in Branson, Missouri?

Silver Dollar City is the celebration of 1880’s American spirit. It lays claim to be one of the best of Branson, Missouri attractions. If you are a first time visitor to the park, here is a great list of 10 popular attractions.

1. The Street Troupe: Comedy and Variety Show – Don’t miss the “notorious feudin’ and fussin’” as you watch the characters of Silver Dollar City try to evoke laughter in this hilarious variety show. A show with audience participation promises fun for the entire family or just an individual trying to break out in the comedy world.

2. Eve & Delilah’s Bakery – Chocolate lovers beware! The chocolate éclair will steal the heart of any man or women in the Branson, Missouri area. This bakery should be the first stop on a tour of good eats around the park with freshly baked goods everyday; this bakery is perfect for a snack or a meal full of desserts. Don’t have a sweet tooth? This bakery also has specialty breads.

3. Riverblast – In need of a refreshing cool down from a day of exploring? The newest edition to the park is this river-rafting ride. Join literary figures, Tom and Huck, as you cruise down the Mississippi on a family friendly ride. Inspired by the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, this ride is perfect for a newcomer to the story or an old lover of adventure.

4. Master Craftsmen Demonstration – Watch Tom Nelson, master craftsmen, at work at Hazel’s Glass Blown Factory. After over 23 years at Silver Dollar City, Tom is on a continual exploration to master the art of any craft. Want a demonstration on making unique stone and glassware? Stop by Hazel’s and check out Tom. You can watch him right in the store!

5. The Grand Exposition – Little ones in the gang? Silver Dollar City has 10 children friendly attractions all located in the same area. With easy to use entrance and exits, letting you little ones ride the various rides by themselves is safe. Take a spin on the 55 foot high “Electro Spin” or ride the unconventional carousel—It will lift you right off your feet!

6. The Marvel Cave – If you need a break from the sunlight and from walking around take this one hour underground tour of the Marvel Cave, also known as, “The Devil’s Den.” What began as a tourist show cave has evolved into a tour that explains the intricacies of the mining town, Maramos. Tours leave every half hour.

7. Thundernation – For the roller coaster lover, try out the drops and turns on the runaway mine train. 80 feet high in the air amongst the treetops of the Ozarks, you can scream and check out the scenery of the park on this high speed ride. This is the most exciting Branson Missouri attractions at the park.

8. Lucky Silver Mine Restaurant – This sit down restaurant will let you enjoy the hearty meals of the Ozark miners. A home-style buffet that includes BBQ, beef stew, and all the okra you can eat! Try the ham and beans. It is the Silver Dollar City miner’s favorite.

9. Christmas Hollow – New to Silver Dollar City, this shop inspires the Christmas lover in everyone. Between the beautifully decorated Christmas trees and the hand painted ornaments, this shop inspires your decorating desires even in the middle of the summer. Be sure to get a commemorative ornament to celebrate your trip.

10. Headin’ West – Don’t miss the one of best Branson shows at the park. This 50 minute show portrays the story of a man in search of a better life for his family. Watch as Luke Stanley travels across the country in one adventure after another. The show is free with park admission.

If your family is on a tight budget, check out Branson vacation packages. With 2010 marked the 50th anniversary of the park, there is not a better excuse to visit!