Top 10 Spain Landmarks Travelers Talk About

Spain LandmarksTake top Spain landmarks multiply them by country’s pristine beaches, vibrant folklore scene and mouthwatering cuisine to get world’s most talked about travel destination. To help our readers guide along the abundance of landmarks we have created a top 10 list below.

1. Royal Palace in Madrid – One of the Spain landmarks is the Royal Palace, which is the official residence of the King of Spain. The monarch resides in the Palace of Zarzuela, but the Royal Palace is used for all official ceremonies and affairs of the state. The palace houses 2800 rooms, most of which are closed to the public. Tourists are allowed to tour about 50 rooms including stately Grand Staircase, Gala Dining Room, the Throne Room, the Porcelain Room and many others.

2. Retiro Park in Madrid – Retiro Park is one of the famous Spain landmarks, and this large park includes a number of fascinating structures and attractions, fountains, sculptures, as well as a lake that you can take a boat on. The park hosts a large number of international festivals and venues throughout the year but especially during the summer months. Its spectacular Crystal Palace which looks like a giant glass pavilion showcases rare plants and trees.

3. Cibeles Palace and Fountain – Spain landmarks that must be seen should include the Cibeles Palace in Madrid known for its incredible ornate architecture and interior. Nowdays museum houses a number of exhibits and municipal offices. Cibeles fountain located in the center of the Square depicts Roman Fertility Goddess riding and her lion drawn chariot, and is a famous statue that is a top attraction in Madrid.

4. Prado Museum – Spain landmarks include the Prado Museum. This museum has a number of exquisite fine art works, and a large collection of treasures on display that can be viewed. Its vast collection includes over 7000 paintings, thousands of sculptures, relics and art objects. Some of the finest works of Goya, Velasquez, Rubens and Bosch are displayed within its walls.

5. Las Ventas – One of the landmarks that is well known in Spain related to bullfighting in Madrid. Las Ventas is the largest bullring in Spain, and where all new matadors must make their first kill. Most of the shows happen on Sundays and last for about three hours. During the festivals bullfights happen daily and bring the most crowds. Due to recent bullfighting ban in Catalonia you will not be able to attend any corrida events in Barcelona, so Madrid is currently one of the epicenters of this long standing tradition in Spain.

6. Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona – Despite being still under construction, Sagrada Familia is one of the best known landmarks in Spain and is already recognized by many around the world. The construction will continue until at least the year 2026. Designed by famous Spanish architect Gaudi, it gained the status of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is among the most iconic Spain landmarks combining magnificent Art Nouveau architecture with meaningful religious elements that are well worth witnessing in person.

7. Park Guell in Barcelona – Located in Barcelona, Park Guell it was originally intended for nobility but is now used by everyone. Interesting architecture, sculptures and structures were designed by Antonio Gaudi and blended beautifully with natural surrounding beauty creating one of a kind park. There are many points of interest to keep you engaged ranging from the mystical dragon greeting guests at the entrance to the Park, to stone columns, to the mosaic terrace opening panoramic views of the Park.

8. Alhambra Palace in Granada – The Alhambra Palace is one of the top Granada attractions, with exquisite fourteenth century architecture and fabulous gardens that are stunning.The palaces were built for Muslim Nasrid Dynasty Emirs and showcases intricate oriental decor and architecture which was however influenced heavily by extensive renovations done by European craftsmen. Among Palaces interesting features one will find exquisite gallery rooms, interior courtyards, gardens, pools and ponds.

9. Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres – Considered one of the most unusual and interesting museums in Spain, this attraction is located in Figueres, just a short distance from Barcelona, and is a definite must see. Spanish born surrealist artist and painter found his final resting spot at this odd but amazing place. Visitors will see Dali’s finest works of art including paintings, frescos, sculptures and even jewelry pieces designed by the master himself.

10. City of Arts and Science in Valencia – One of the top Valencia attractions draws visitors to its its over the top architecture and accumulation of great museums and galleries. Built on the sunken river grounds, the complex combines several structures housing Planetarium, Laserium (laser lights display), IMAX theater, Reina Sofia Art Museum, Prince Felipe Science Museum, Oceonographic Park and many others. This place is one of the Spain landmarks for both visitors and locals.