Top 10 Spiritual Things To Do In Santa Fe

Things To Do in Santa FeFinding things to do in Santa Fe, New Mexico is as easy as walking outside. The beautiful town is the fourth largest city in the state and home to many spiritual and cultural attractions. If you are looking to connect with your spiritual side, check out these various Santa Fe attractions that will guide you to serenity.

Loretto Chapel1. Things to do in Sante Fe, New Mexico for believers of the Christian faith or any seeking historical sites must include a visit to the Loretto Chapel that has a history closely intertwined with the outreach of Catholicism, and with the influence of its first bishop, Father John Baptiste Lamy. When he called for more to join him in an effort to preach and teach the masses, and a small group of nuns braved the harsh Sante Fe trail to answer his call. The chapel built for them was the Loretto Chapel. The chapel is strictly a museum now, and visitors can view its stained glass, or the famous “Miraculous Staircase”—which completes multiple three hundred sixty degree turns with no visible supports. This is one of the best architectural things to do in Santa Fe.

San Miguel Mission2. The San Miguel Mission, Santa Fe is the oldest church building in United States, dating back to 1610 when it was first constructed by Tlaxcalan Indians of Mexico, who came to New Mexico as servants of the Spanish. Sunday mass is still held in this chapel, and it is open for tours by the public. Unlike the larger, French Gothic cathedrals and chapels of Sante Fe, this pueblo chapel is predominantly “new world” in its design. With such a long and fascinating history, a tour of the San Miguel Mission is one of the best spiritual things to do in Sante Fe for anyone seeking national historical sites.

Saint Francis of Assisi Cathedral3. One of the sure things to do in Sante Fe for visitors of Christian faith and history lovers is visit the Saint Francis of Assisi Cathedral. The current cathedral was completed in 1887, however, the site was the home of an adobe church before that which could trace its roots all the way to 1610. The Cathedral was built at the command of Sante Fe’s first Bishop, Father John Baptiste Lamy of France. The church is still active, and allows the public to visit its grounds. Among sites of interest are the set of bronze doors that detail the church’s history, and statues of Father Lamy and Blessed Kateri—the first Native American granted sainthood. Walk around and check out other beautiful sculptures. Saint Francis and other holy figures are located around the downtown historic area.

Georgia O'Keefe Museum4. For the artistic person, try the Georgia O’Keefe museum. This museum, dedicated to the Santa Fe famous resident, holds over 1,000 pieces of her work. Prominent American painter Georgia O’Keefe spent the last fifty years of her life in Sante Fe, New Mexico where the Georgia O’Keefe Museum stands today. She made her career through oils and watercolors, and is most known today for her extreme close ups of still life—particularly flowers. Whereas she began her career in abstraction, critical assumptions that she was directed by her sexuality caused her to shift toward representational art. Pieces from the length of her career are housed in the permanent collections of the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, as well as an in-depth history of her life, making this one of the things to do in Santa Fe for any O’Keefe or modern art fan. Try spending a day exploring the museum and connecting with your inner artist.

Santa Fe Opera5. Santa Fe vacation packages would be complete without booking a visit to the Santa Fe Opera. For theater lovers, the Santa Fe Opera is one of the must-visit things in Sante Fe. This artfully designed building is an open-air theater, with a spectacular view of the surrounding mountain ranges as a backdrop to their performances. The stage alights during a southwest sunset, and with state of the art stage technology and effects. For those wanting more than a performance, the Sante Fe Opera offers behind the scenes tours. On Opera Insider days, guests are offered breakfast coffee and muffins, and a member of the Opera Guild will give a backstage tour. A one hour, more in depth tour is also available Mondays through Saturdays. A music lover will find a peaceful and calm mind during the multiple performances during the year.

Santa Fe Plaza6. The downtown Santa Fe Plaza is the perfect spiritual journey for retail therapy. The part of downtown offers many opportunities to shop at specialty store that are all in walking vicinity. At the time of Santa Fe’s founding in the early 1600’s the Santa Fe Plaza was the square upon which its first government buildings were constructed. Today the plaza is still at the center of the city, though government and transportation buildings exist elsewhere in the city. On one side of the plaza is the Palace of the Governors, the oldest public building in the United States, whereas on its other sides it is surrounded by modern shopping and other things to do in Sante Fe. Throughout the year the plaza is the venue for a number of city celebrations and culture festivals.

Ten Thousand Waves Spa7. Find your spiritual strength at the Ten Thousand Waves Spa. Striking against the Sante Fe landscape is a Japanese-style onsen, or bathhouse and spa. The Ten Thousand Waves Spa is a relaxing spa in the Japanese tradition, and one of the best things to do in Sante Fe if you’re in the mood for a little pampering. This mountain retreat will treat guests to a beautiful day spa specializing in Japanese techniques. The spa also offers simple, yet elegant rooms in varying degrees of luxury for an extended stay in a slice of the East in the desert. At the Ten Thousand Waves Spa enjoy massages and skin treatments; and just like an authentic onsen there are communal baths. Before the evenings bathing clothes are optional.

Santa Fe River State Park8. When looking for more secluded things to do in Sante Fe, stop at the Santa Fe River State Park. This shady spot is an often overlooked spot in the heart of the city near the plaza, quietly tucked away from the activities of downtown Santa Fe. The state park is located along Alameda Street, and follows St. Francis Drive upstream toward its source near Camino Cabra. Picnic tables are set up along the wooded paths for anyone to enjoy a relaxing outdoor meal; and while no set trails exist along its four mile length, anyone looking to absorb nature can walk its paths by foot. Find your serenity with the best of outdoor things to do in Santa Fe. The Santa Fe River State Park is great for hiking and discovering the peaceful landscape of New Mexico. Grab a quick outdoor dinner when you are done visiting the park for a peaceful way to end your day.

9. The Santa Fe Trail was once used for export and import in the United States. Today, visitors can travel along the trail and imagine the different ways this piece of history was useful in developing the trade of America. While along the trail, a beautiful sunset will help anyone find their inner peace for the evening.

10. Skiing in Santa Fe is a great outdoor activity. Finding one of the prime Santa Fe vacation rentals near the slopes is a great way to relax after a day of skiing, snowboarding, or enjoying the beautiful snow.