Top 10 St Thomas Shore Excursions

St Thomas Shore ExcursionsYour choice of St. Thomas shore excursions can be very difficult to decide on if you have a large list with little time, especially if your cruise is only 7 nights. This is because there are way too many things to do on this island and you can feel rushed if you try to pack too many sights in one day.

The good news about most St. Thomas shore excursions is they are usually included in cruises of all lengths, so the best thing for you to do may be to consider adding an additional week to your vacation.

The top 10 St. Thomas shore excursions are listed below:

1. Magens Beach Bay – Most Caribbean cruise deals include excursions to the famous beaches and Magens Beach is one of the most popular; the shopping is also excellent.

2. St. Thomas Nautilus – Royal Caribbean cruise excursions choose St. Thomas because of this attraction. Located 8 feet below the surface where the sea life and aquatic plants abound.

3. Shark Encounter – No Eastern Caribbean cruise to St. Thomas would be complete without spending time in the waters of the Shark Shallows. Surround yourself in 2 feet of water.

4. Turtle Encounter – A cruise to Virgin Islands, St. Thomas must include a stop to swim with the Green Sea Turtles. Learn why they are so endangered and feed them too.

5. Snuba – St. Thomas shore excursions are famous for scuba diving places, so what is snuba? Snuba allows you to explore the waters below, but without the diving equipment. It’s similar to snorkeling, but you can go much deeper.

6. Coral World’s Undersea Observatory – Go underwater following a guide and trail for approximately 30 minutes. Explore all of the creatures of the sea, up close and extremely personal.

7. Swim with Sea Lions – Share in the daily activities of the sea lions and their families. Before the day is over, you and the sea lions will have an unbreakable bond to last a lifetime.

8. Enjoy a history lesson – St. Thomas dates back as far as 600 AD and has places like Kongen’s Quarter and Blackbeard’s Castle; not to mention the famous Rum Factory.

9. Craig and Sally’s Restaurant – One of the top eateries in St. Thomas where the seafood is so fresh it practically swims to you from the sea.

10. Coral World – spend time in the 4.5 acre park that has underwater highlights of all of native sea life and an observatory that has views of the entire island.