Top 10 Sydney Attractions For Kids

Sydney AttractionsSydney, Australia is one of the most unique and interesting places to visit. When planning an Australian vacation, there are many fun Sydney attractions that are perfect for families and children. Here we have a list of the top ten Sydney attractions geared for children.

1. Sydney’s Taronga Zoo – Children will marvel at the abundance of animals and species such as the African Crested Porcupine, African Lion, Tortoise and American Alligators to just name a few.

2. Powerhouse Museum – This is a wonderful interactive museum located in Darling Harbour. Children will enjoy the holographic images, touch screen computers and the many available science experiments that they can take part in.

3. IMAX – There are shows playing all the time on the world’s largest cinema screen.

4. Sydney Observatory – Children may enjoy a virtual trip to the moon, other planets and the solar system. There is also a space theatre where they may enjoy the universe with 3D technology.

5. Justice and Police Museum – Visitors may enjoy and explore law and order using re-enacting.

6. Sydney Aquarium – This is one of the best of the Sydney attractions. Children will enjoy exploring over 1200 aquatic animals and 650 species. There are fun underwater viewing tunnels which will allow visitors to feel as if they are in the ocean.

7. Bondi Beach – No visit to Sydney is complete without visiting this world famous beach. The kids can surf and swim and the entire family will be able to enjoy the many cafés and restaurants that line the coast.

8. Centennial Park – This is one of the largest recreational parks in Sydney. Visitors can picnic and barbeque as well as other activities such as bird watching, roller blading, golf, tennis and horseback riding.

9. Sydney Monorail – Enjoy seeing many of the Sydney attractions from the sky. The monorail will stop at some attractions such as the Sydney Tower, Aquarium and the IMAX theatre.

10. Luna Park, Sydney – This is one of the oldest amusement parks in Australia. Originally opened in 1935, the park provides wonderful memories for over one million people per year. In addition to the many rides, visitors may also plan a wedding or other even as well as enjoy a meal at the restaurant and many other activities. This is one of the best Sydney attractions for children.

It is clear that there are many fun and exciting things to do in Sydney with or without children. In addition to these options, visitors may also enjoy a walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge where there are magnificent views of the city. Also, there are many interesting Sydney Opera House facts that children may find interesting such as there are over 40 shows per week which may include The Illusionists which will entertain children and adults alike.