Top 10 The Great Wall of China Facts

The Great Wall Of China FactsWhile planning a trip to Beijing, China tourists will want to do their homework so that they are able to plan the very best vacation. There are many of The Great Wall of China facts that visitors will find interesting as well as fun. Listed below are the top ten The Great Wall of China facts.

1. This well-known and recognizable structure is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site with significant cultural, archaelogical and historical value.

2. The Great Wall was built by several dynasties with the purpose to protect China’s northern border. The biggest portion of the wall was built during the Ming dynasty and measures at around 5500 miles in its length. This portion was also much stronger using bricks and stone than any other previously built sections utilizing clay like materials.

3. Contrary to the popular belief, the Great Wall of China is not visible from the Moon or any other place in the space due to its narrow width.

4. The most visited section of the Great Wall is in Badaling which is very close to Beijing and was built during the Ming Dynasty. Many Beijing tours visit this area of the wall.

5. The main section of the wall is about 2,145 miles with an extra 1,770 miles of branches and spurs.

6. The Great Wall is about 2,232 years old. The construction began somewhere around 221 B.C. and 206 B.C.

7. Millions of people took part in the building of the wall. Some reports say that approximately 1,000,000 people lost their lives over the centuries in the process of construction. The Wall is also known as, “the longest cemetery on Earth.”

8. During the building, ancient Chinese builders, commoners and prisoners used whatever was available for the construction. Some of the materials used were stone, rocks, clay tiles, lime, wood, mud, dirt and rubble.

9. Thousands of battles have been fought along the famous wall. There are bullet holes are still visible on the wall at Gubeikou. Many historians agree that the Wall was not a strategic line of defence and could easily be trespassed by the enemy. Its main purpose was in fact transportation of equipment and cargo from remote regions of China.

10. Without a doubt to learn the most Great Wall of China facts, you simply must go on various walking, hiking or sightseeing tours at hundreds of places stretching along this quintessential Chinese attraction. Whether you choose crowded Badaling section, less crowded Simatai or popular Jinshanling you are sure to see distinctly different features built along these portions.

There are many more The Great Wall of China facts, but these top ten are the most fascinating and interesting. While on vacation in Beijing, the Great Wall is one of the best places to visit. When booking a vacation, it is important for tourists to check out the many Great Wall of China tours available. Also when visitors travel to Beijing they should not miss visiting the Forbidden City in China. With so many fun and interesting The Great Wall of China Facts, there is an abundance of fun things to keep guests busy as well as entertained.