Top 10 Things To Do During Carnival in Rio De Janeiro

Carnival Rio De JaneiroCarnival a true expression of what a Rio de Janeiro vacation is all about. It’s about the people, the land, the food, the music and most of all—the Samba. The four day event draws nearly 500,000 people from across the world to be spectators in the best show on Earth. Students of all the local samba schools dress in their most elaborate Carnival costumes and perform for the masses. Here are the top ten things events for the upcoming Carnival Rio de Janerio.

1. Rio Carnival Balls – Masquerade balls, luxury balls, and balls for kids are all apart of these fantastic events. It’s the perfect time to don your glittery costume, paint your face with vibrant colors and party in the streets of Rio.

2. Magic Ball – The only continuing luxury ball in the city. Attendees are generally the affluent of Rio, celebrities and the who’s who of South America. This ball is held at the exclusive Copacabana Palace, one of the popular Rio de Janeiro hotels where upscale rules all.

3. Opening Ceremony – This marks the start of Carnival and a not to be missed event as the Carnival King gets crowned by the mayor and is handed the keys to the city.

4. Sambodromo Rio de Janeiro Rehearsal – Members of the samba schools come together to practice before the big parades. Everyone is in step and they rehearse their moves and songs just as it will occur during Carnival, with the exception of being in their full costumes. Spectators are allowed entrance, free of charge.

5. Samba Parade – Bring on the glittery costumes and dancing guys and girls. Samba schools showcase their talented students during Carnival Rio de Janeiro. Many foreigners don’t realize that the Carnival is a also a huge competition amongst the schools. The highest ranking schools get the honor of performing at the Champion’s Parade at the end of the week. For the best views of the show, spectators can purchase allocated chairs, front boxes or luxury suites.

6. Hard Rock Cafe Kid’s Folia – An animated costume ball geared towards children that are old enough to appreciate Carnival, but still too young to enjoy the street festivities. It’s a way to indoctrinate them into the tradition in a safe and family oriented environment.

7. Samba Land – This is where the parade performers are presented and it serves as a small stage for live bands to perform during and in between parades and other Carnival Rio de Janeiro events.

8. Merry Making in Lapa – Arches de Lapa is typically a hang out spot for the locals, but during Carnival Rio de Janeiro it’s an open free for all for anyone that wants to have a good time. Live bands come out and play samba tunes and other genres of music.

9. Street Parties – During Carnival, almost every block in the city throws a street party. The entire neighborhood participates and it’s an impromptu time for street performers, vendors and bands to showcase their skills.

10. Champions Parade – One of the last parades and best Rio de Janeiro attractions. The top samba schools that scored highest in the Samba Parade competition are invited to join the closing event. An excellent display of pageantry and parade marches through the street to the beat and rhythm of the Samba.

Carnival is the ultimate party and with so many scheduled events, you are sure to find something entertaining every day of the week during your vacation to Rio de Janeiro.