Top 10 Things To Do in Austin TX

Things To Do in AustinFinding great things to do in Austin, TX is probably as fun as doing them. Since the weather is pretty hot in the summer, the best time to enjoy some great outdoor activities is during the fall and spring.

The top 10 things to do in Austin, TX are down below, so feel free to read along:

1. Texas State Capitol – Truly the grandest in size and beauty Capitol in the US proving one more time that everything is indeed larger in Texas. Constructed from granite, this beautiful building is a great backdrop for family pictures. The rotunda features portraits of Texas Governors and other historical figures who had greatly contributed to the history of Texas.

2. Town Lake – This is one of the best places to visit in Texas, not only because it’s in Austin, but because there are so many activities to partake in. For example, you can hike the trails, or ride a bike. Everywhere you turn, you are surrounded by scenes of natural beauty, photo opportunities and wondrous views. The lake only adds to the serenity.

3. Barton Springs – One of the many free things to do in Austin includes donning your swim gear and heading out to the natural hot springs. The water is always warm and inviting and the natural limestone ensures proper filtration. Unlike many other hot springs that can, at times, become questionable, these fresh, underground springs are fed by several pools of water.

4. One World Theater – Listening to Austin live music at the famed One World Theater promises a spectacular show for the ages. According to those who’ve been, there is an intimate feeling you don’t get from larger venues and each seat is good, no matter where you are.

5. McKinney Falls State Park – If camping is one of the things to do in Austin that sounds like it’s up your alley, this is the park to visit. They have 3 trails for you to hike or ride your mountain bike. If you love to fish, you don’t need a license and the streams are packed. You can also swim in Onion Creek.

6. Congress Avenue Bats – Other fun things to do in Austin, if you’re really adventurous, include taking a stroll to see about 1.5 million bats as they fly towards the setting skies. Just make sure you get there right before dusk sets in to see them hover under the bridge for a while before they make their escape into the night.

7. Lake Travis Zipline – You might not realize that there are things to do in Austin like zip lining, but there are. Launch from a cliff over 20 stories in the air and soar over Lake Travis for 2 ½ hours along 2,000 feet.

8. Highland Lakes – Rent your choice of a party barge, boat or wave runner and spend a few hours on Highland Lakes or Devil’s Cove. There are always lots of party animals in this location, so if you don’t want noise or excitement, you can always choose the serenity of Lake Austin.

9. Zilker Botanical Garden – This is an exceptional place of awe and beauty with 31 full acres of plants and other small woodland creatures that absolutely thrive in the southwestern region. You are sure to come across lizards and jack rabbits while you stroll about.

10. So Co District – This is a fabulous place to taste authentic Southwestern cuisine. Tons of restaurants and quaint little shops too. The food trucks are phenomenal. It’s a great way to enjoy outdoors if you don’t mind a few crowds. They are very pet friendly, so don’t leave your dog behind. They also have local artists and live music.