Top 10 Things To Do in Baton Rouge

Things To Do in Baton RougeOnce a sleepy Louisiana city having been ironically transformed by former New Orleans residents moving into the city escaping devastating category 5 hurricane Katrina, now the busy college city brimming with tourist attractions and the capital of the Pelican State. The name to the city was given by French explorers who experienced seeing “red sticks” (baton rouge in French) marking territories of Native American tribes’ boundaries at the end of the 17th century.

Some may not think that there is a great deal of things to do in Baton Rouge and forego this fantastic southern city in favor of New Orleans. We have gathered for you a list of top 10 things to do in Baton Rouge to experience the best of what this multicultural city has to offer and hopefully change somebody’s mind.

1. Marvel at Louisiana State Capitol – The tallest Capitol building in the US and one of the top tourist attractions in Louisiana, the State Capitol is surrounded by beautiful gardens and houses State’s legislature offices. The building features impressive sculptures, and its observation deck perched on the 27th floor opens panoramic views of the city.

2. Visit the Old State Capitol – The building looks more like it should have housed a fairy tale royal family rather than State Legislators. However this gothic style castle used to serve as the Capitol of Louisiana and now is among premier things to do in Baton Rouge that has been recently renovated to serve as grounds for Museum of Political History covering a great deal of Old South history of the 19th century.

3. Brec’s Baton Rouge Zoo – Rated among top fun things to do in Baton Rouge with the kiddos, here you will find animal species native to Louisiana and brought over from several continents of the world. World class animal exhibits featuring its newest and most popular Realm of the Tigers area introducing visitors to the animals of Asia like tigers, gibbons, birds and fish.

4. Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center – There’s no better place to experience famous Louisiana swamps than booking a tour of the Swamp Nature Center. Located within a short drive from downtown Baton Rouge, visitors will love getting familiar with flora and fauna species of the swamps.

5. USS Kidd Veterans Memorial and Museum – Commemorated to USA’s veterans who partook in many wars in the US history, Veterans Memorial proudly showcases restored to their original glory missile aircrafts, battle ships and more, with its iconic plaza featuring eternal fire to remember soldiers who never returned to their homes.

6. Set on Mississippi River Cruise – Granted Baton Rouge is a busy Mississippi river port, why not enjoy many things to do in Baton Rouge while setting on fantastic river cruises offering endless sightseeing, dining and even gaming opportunities.

7. Dive into the Baton Rouge Nightlife – The nightlife in this multicultural city is nothing short of spectacular offering just about any style of entertainment, no matter whether you desire performing arts, nights out clubbing, bar hopping or enjoying Creole style dining.

8. Get spooked at the Myrtles Plantation – Graceful 18th century estate is a beautiful building with marble interior, well manicured gardens where you can stay for a few days at their B&B facilities to enjoy their haunted house tours, eat at the local restaurant and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Old South.

9. Get Your Game Going at the Belle of the Baton Rouge – One of the top Baton Rouge attractions for the casino game lovers featuring a three deck boat decked on the Mississippi River. Everything from slot machines, black jack, poker could be found on their gaming menu.

10. Experience Music Festivals – Whether you are into blues or country, your music preferences could be satisfied during annual Blues Festival or Bayou Country Superfest. If you are visiting in between festivals, downtown Baton Rouge offers plenty of restaurants and bars featuring live music of your choice.