Top 10 Things To Do in Belize City on a Cruise

Things To Do in Belize CityIf you are looking for things to do in Belize City while on a cruise, you are in for a great time. This is one of the hot spots in Central America, thus, brimming with activities and attractions.

The top 10 things to do in Belize City include spending time outdoors and indoors. You should be able to experience a mixture of history, fun and relaxation all in the same day.

1. The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center – Because the locals really wanted a place for all of their exotic animals, they created this wonderful combination zoo and education center. Here, you can not only see more than 150 native animals up close, but you can also learn some interesting facts too.

2. Belize Cave Tubing – If you want extreme adventure, you’ll find it right here. As you lie in a fully, inflated inner tube, you will drift along the Sibun River, through the caves for a personalized exploration experience.

3. Mayan Archeological Sites – This is always one of the best Belize tourist attractions, because it is filled with historical artifacts. You can actually spend time surrounded by ancient ruins that date as far back as 300 AD.

4. Snorkeling – Since Belize has an average temperature anywhere between 70 and 87 degrees Fahrenheit, you can place snorkeling on your list of top things to do in Belize City. After all, the water is almost too clear to be believed and the aquatic wildlife is sublime. Perfect for those who do not scuba dive.

5. Orchid Garden Eco –Village Museum Belize – Your Belize travel guide will take the lead during this tour and show you wonderful sites including one of the most spectacular buildings, an enormous collection of glass bottles and a vast amount of paintings.

6. Old Belize Cultural and Historical Center – Another one of the things to do in Belize City include spending time awestruck, while reviewing their culture up close and personal. At this center, the entire history of Belize has been preserved. You can also sample great, local cuisine.

7. Bannister Island – If you want to spend your day on shore relaxing, this is the perfect spot. There are a number of things to do in Belize City, including nothing at all. The beach is very quiet and the food and drinks are exceptional. It’s a great place to lie in the sun.

8. St. John’s Cathedral – This is another place for those who want a real sense of Central American history. This church is the oldest, with the most historical value, plus there are great photo opportunities.

9. Cucumber Beach – This is one of the more fun things to do in Belize City, especially if you have younger children. They’ll certainly get a kick out of the giant water slide.

10. Government House – This is a wonderful display of architecture combined with history. You can also spend an hour or two having a picnic lunch, while basking in the sunshine. It’s so interesting, even small children will have a good time.