Top 10 Things To Do In Berlin

Things To Do In BerlinBerlin, Germany is a city that is alive with history and culture. Much of this revolves around the amazing and oftentimes tragic Jewish history. This in no way should discourage anyone from visiting this magnificent city. There are many 5 star hotels in Berlin to choose from which will offer many amenities to make your vacation in Berlin, Germany one that will never be forgotten. Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 things to do in Berlin.

1. Bradenburg Gate – This Berlin’s monumental gate is strategically placed at the end of Unter den Linden boulevard. Originally it was a main entrance to the city and was a part of a city wall surrounding Berlin. The gate’s triumphant arch was designed by Carl Gotthard and erected between 1778 and 1791 replacing old city gates. The chariot of victory on the top of the gate was sculpted in 1793 by Johann Gottfried Schadow.

2. Reichstag and Government Quarter – This attraction is a beautiful example of the amazing architecture that is found throughout the city. This is the German Parliament building which was designed by Sir Norman Foster making this one of the most popular Berlin attractions.

3. Museum Island – When looking for places of interest in Berlin, this is one of the best things to do in Berlin. Visitors will be able to enjoy exhibits that span the human history such as Egyptian, Greek and Roman histories as well as from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age.

4. Jewish Museum – When looking for things to do in Berlin, this is one place that should not be missed. Visitors will be able to enjoy public guided tours depicting Jewish history.

5. Tiergarten – This is Berlin’s largest park which turns into a huge barbeque party during the summer months. Enjoy a picnic and stroll through the park where you can enjoy the famous landmarks of the Great Star and the Victory Column.

6. Berlin Zoo – When finding fun things to do in Berlin with children, this is one of the best. The zoo was founded in 1844 by Alexander von Humboldt and Martin Lichtenstein and is home to over 19,000 animals spanning 1400 different species.

7. Peacock Island – When searching for that perfect romantic spot to visit, this is a place that should not be missed. Visitors can only reach this island by Ferry and will enjoy the beauty of the many gardens such as the Rose Garden and the Biedermeiner Garden as well as the peacocks that roam freely around the island.

8. Grunewald – Visitors can enjoy a picnic and a hike, bicycle or horseback ride through the scenic trails. If the weather is warm, visitors may also enjoy a swim in the fresh water lakes, Schlachtensee or Wannsee.

9. Berlin Wall – Although the wall was mostly demolished in 1990, guests can visit Checkpoint Charlie which is the most famous East-West border control during the Cold War.

10. Fernsehturm Berlin – This is a beautiful TV tower in Berlin Alexanderplatz where visitors can enjoy the view from the observation tower as they enjoy a traditional German meal at the rotating restaurant.

One more thing worth mentioning here – Berlin Photoautomater. This is one of the things to do in Berlin that cannot be missed. Visitors will enjoy these black and white photo booths that are scattered across the city where visitors can take a photo which only takes a few minutes to develop and is a wonderful keepsake of your time in Berlin. Many of these attractions are Berlin hotels such as famous Circus Hotel where visitors can enjoy the convenience as well as the Berlin nightlife.