Top 10 Things To Do In Buenos Aires

Things To Do In Buenos AiresThere are many amazing Argentina tourist attractions to visit while staying in Buenos Aires. This is a country that is alive with fascinating history and culture. There are many fun things to do in Buenos Aires while enjoying your vacation. Here we have the top ten things to do in Buenos Aires.

1. Parque Temaiken – This is a beautiful nature reserve park, where visitors can enjoy observing the wildlife in its natural habitat. Those at Temaiken strive to keep each habitat as natural looking as possible while keeping the viewers’ safety in mind. Visitors may also go below ground where they can see a skunk and other underground creatures at work.

2. Colon Opera House – This is one of the most famous landmarks in Argentina as well as in the world. Visitors can enjoy opera and ballet. The Opera House has hosted many great performers in its time such as Maria Callas, Richard Strauss and Igor Stravinsky.

3. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes – This is home to the world’s largest collection of Argentine art as well as European art.

4. Teatro San Martin – This beautiful architectural structure houses three theatres and a cultural center. There are also wonderful art exhibits, workshops, a cinema and salon. Visitors will enjoy the theater, dance shows, concerts, movies and children’s activities.

5. Palacio Barolo – This unique architectural building includes references to Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Visitors may enjoy tours to the light house and tower where they will enjoy the beautiful views of the city.

6. Plaza de Mayo – This plaza is also known as the “Political Center of the City”. Convenient to many of the hotels in Buenos Aires, visitors will be able to stroll by and marvel at this beautiful building. On one side of the plaza is the Catedral Metropolitana displaying twelve pillars representing each of the twelve apostles. On the east side is the “pink house” which was once the Presidential Palace.

7. Palermo Zoo – This is a great way to spend the day for the entire family. Visitors can enjoy the many animal exhibits such as the giraffes, lions and zebras. The zoo offers many tours and classes as well as evening visits.

8. Palermo Botanical Gardens – This is one of the best Buenos Aires tours. Guests will enjoy the unique way the trees provide shelter from the surrounding plaza. There are hundreds of plant species among the stone and metal statues. There is also a tranquil pond to sit by and enjoy a leisurely picnic.

9. Templo Libertad – If you are interested in the religious aspects of Argentina, this is one of the best things to do in Buenos Aires. Visitors will be able to enjoy this Jewish Synagogue built in the Byzantine style. There is also a lovely Jewish History Museum where tourists will have a chance to see traditional Jewish cloths and religious art.

10. Palermo Planetarium – Of all of the things to do in Buenos Aires, this is a must-do location. Guests can marvel at the planet-shaped building as they enjoy the shows about the formation of the universe as well as the exhibitions of the stars and constellations.

Once you have chosen which of these things to do in Buenos Aires that you would like to take part in, the only thing left to do is enjoy and have fun.