Top 10 Things To Do in Cairo Egypt

Things to Do in Cairo Cairo is a bustling modern city with its roots deeply set in its rich history. Hordes of tourists and history buffs flock to the city to explore its past speckled with mysterious pyramid tombs, Egyptian pharaohs and priceless cultural heritage left by one of the most significant civilizations in the history of humanity.

Our list of top 10 things to do in Cairo Egypt barely scratches the surface of city’s must see attractions.

1. Discover the Egyptian Museum – Amateur archaeologists who visit Egypt will enjoy a trip to the Egyptian Museum, where the remains of King Tut and the artifacts recovered from his tomb are housed and displayed. This can be an exciting experience for anyone interested in Egyptian history. Packed to the brim with thousands of priceless pieces of jewelry, art objects, funeral masks, royal mummies and statues.

2. Visit the Giza Necropolis – A visit to the Giza Pyramids is a must. Giza pyramids facts show that it took more than twenty thousand workers a total of more than eighty years to complete this complex, and it is an amazing testament to the history and culture of Egypt. It’s the only surviving Wonder out of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World presenting its visitors with three majestic pyramids with the largest being the Great Pyramid of Khufu and the massive limestone Sphinx sculpture.

3. Visit the ancient city of Memphis – A visit to Memphis is one of the most popular things to do in Cairo, because of the history and the ancient ruins. This is where ancient Egypt started out, and numerous visitors come here each year to learn about the history and see the ruins. Visitors can see the Temple of Ptah, a smaller Sphinx sculpture and the Colossus of Ramses II.

4. See the Al Azhar Mosque – One of the oldest and most significant Mosques to the Islamic world because it’s not only a place of prayer, it’s the place to learn Islamic theology for many religious scholars. For tourists it’s one of the most curious things to do in Cairo Egypt presenting fine and multicultural approaches to architectural design with its white marble courtyard, five minarets and ornate interior decor.

5. Shop at Khan al-Khalili Bazaar – One of the top things to do in Cairo is to visit the open air market of Khan al-Khalili. This market has been in existence since the fourteenth century, and has not changed in all that time. Perfumes, spices, souvenirs, and many other items can be purchased here, and if you are willing to haggle the prices can be amazing.

6. Pay a Visit to Saqqara Pyramids – A visit to the Saqqara Pyramids is one of the top things to do in Cairo, These pyramids include some of the most interesting architecture and historic monuments of the past, and are incredible to explore. Used as the necropolis site for royals and noble citizens of the ancient city of Memphis, it includes the world famous Pyramid of Djoser that was built in a rather unusual for that era stepped shape resembling a royal crown.

7. Wander Around Ancient Ruins of Dashur – A visit to the ancient ruins of Dashur is listed by many as one of the top 10 things to do in Cairo. The Red Pyramid, Black Pyramid, and Bent Pyramid are all accessed with a single ticket, and there are no crowds like many other attractions have.

8. Book a Cairo Tour – One of the many Cairo day tours is a must experience for visitors to this city in Egypt. These tours can be arranged to include a number of monuments and locations, and can range in price from very affordable to outrageously expensive.

9. Take a look off the Cairo Tower – Proudly rising 614 ft off the ground on the Gezira Island, the Cairo Tower is one of the iconic modern landmarks offering many fun things to do in Cairo Egypt. Here tourist can climb to the observation tower to see stunning panoramic views of Cairo, sample delicious local dishes served at plethora of restaurants and bars.

10. Nile river cruises are a top activity for visitors to Cairo. You can enjoy a fine meal while cruising down the river, or opt for a sightseeing tour only. Either version is an incredible trip that anyone will love.

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