Top 10 Things To Do in Casablanca

Things to Do in Casablanca1. One of the highly recommended things to do in Casablanca is a visit to La Corniche. This area of the city has beautiful stretches of beach, cafes, and even hidden caves to explore if you can find them. This area also has a fascinating history.

2. The Hassan II mosque is one of the most popular attractions in Casablanca. The exquisite architecture and detail on this mosque are incredible, and there are tours possible for non muslims of the interior with advance notice and reservations.

3. A visit to the local market is a top activity for anyone visiting Casablanca. In addition to the expected Moroccan treasures you will also find animals and other unusual items for sale. The exciting atmosphere and grand display of wares can be overwhelming at first, and bargaining over the price is normally a must.

4. One of the most popular things to do in Casablanca is to enjoy the scenery and culture. The different settings, from desert to oasis, as well as the traditions and customs of the population make this a great place to visit and explore.

5. A stay at one of the Casablanca Morocco hotels can be an incredible experience. Whether you choose the Old Medina area or a more modern location, a stay in Casablanca can be an unforgettable vacation.

6. Mohammad V Square is a popular attraction, and one visit shows why very well. The fountain situated in the center of the square and the gorgeous French Colonial structures that surround the area make it an enjoyable place to visit.

7. A visit to the Palais Royal is one of the favorite things to do in Casablanca for locals and visitors both. This palace shows off all of the beauty and elegance that Moroccan structures are known for.

8. A trip to the Jardine Majorelle is listed as one of the top things to do in Morocco for visitors to Casablanca. This trip is not a long one, and the gardens make it well worth the time you will spend.

9. One of the top 10 things to do in Casablanca is to visit the Quartiers des Habous. This area is also called the La Nouvelle Medina, or new old city. There are many shops and souks to visit, and an underground railroad as well.

10. A visit to the Hammam Ziani is a must for any tourist or visitor. This traditional bathhouse offers the best customer service and spa experience, even though there are other hammams which may be more costly in the area.