Top 10 Things To Do in Clearwater FL

Things To Do in Clearwater FLYou can find many great things to do in Clearwater Fl, if you love sun, beaches, great food and unique surprises. After all, this is the Sunshine State and for most of the year, the weather is excellent and filled with inviting tropical breezes.

Listed below are the top 10 things to do in Clearwater Fl:

1. Spend the day on Pier 60 Clearwater Florida –Get your party on as you experience the culture of the Floridians through dazzling arts and crafts, wonderful food and live music. As night draws near, enjoy an outdoor movie or simply gaze at the exceptional sun set.

2. Clearwater Beach parasailing – You can’t imagine the exhilarating feeling of soaring 800 feet with the Gulf of Mexico all around you. This is the perfect way to see the entire beach and take the most enjoyable ride of your life.

3. Visit the Clearwater Beach Marina – You can find at least a dozen things to do in Clearwater Fl, just at this marina. There are water sports and party boats for you to sail on. Or you can fish. You can also find a number of great restaurants with great food selections at bargain prices.

4. Go snorkeling at Sand Key – Snorkeling is one of the best things to do in Clearwater Fl, especially since there are so many different types of marine life. You just might get lucky and spot a few sand turtles or dolphins.

5. Determine your balance with a Segway Adventure – Many of the hotels in Clearwater Fl, like the Hyatt Regency offers this type of personal transporter for you to zoom around on. A personal guide will provide you with a tour of many major attractions in the area.

6. Take a ride on Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise – You should include this in your things to do in Clearwater Fl, because it is fun for both kids and adults. Children will love pretending to be pirates sailing the seas and adults will enjoy the Champagne Cruises at sunset.

7. Have a swim with manatees – One of the top Clearwater Beach attractions is the marine life and at Crystal River, you can rent a kayak and with a guide, drop into the water where the manatees frolic and play.

8. See a show at Royalty Theater – The Clearwater nightlife scene is quite different than other cities. Of course there are restaurants and clubs, but you can also spend your night at a 1920s theater that offers magic shows, concerts, opera and dance productions.

9. Ride a hot air balloon – A tour by hot air balloon with Crystal Magic Tours will certainly leave you breathless as you float silently, high above the skyline filled with trees, and fixing your eyes on panoramic views containing the most beautiful Florida landscapes. You may even spot the wonderfully diverse wildlife, all while sipping champagne with a picnic-style bunch.

10. Hike in John Chestnut Sr. Park – While most come to Clearwater Beach for the beaches, others find tranquility among the rugged terrain of the 255 acres within this park. There is even a trail for canoes and kayaks and an observation tower rising 30-feet into the air.