Top 10 Things To Do in Colorado Springs For FREE!

Free Things To Do in Colorado SpringsThere is a great deal of free things to do in Colorado Springs, if you are smart and crafty and do your homework first. You will find that Colorado Springs is simply filled with wonderful activities that won’t cost you one red cent.

The top 10 free things to do in Colorado Springs are:

1. North Cheyenne Canon Park – This is one of the best things to do in Colorado Springs during the hot, summer months. With over 1,600 acres of wilderness filled with hiking trails, waterfalls and pure beauty. You can also swim in a number of places.

2. Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum – This is not one of those old, dusty museums. This is one of the fun things to do in Colorado Springs because it contains so many artifacts and photographs that allow you to understand the city in which you are visiting. You will gain a new prospective and recall the gold-rush days, since there are gold flakes throughout the entire museum. You can even pan for gold yourself.

3. Old Colorado City – You can spend hours in Old Colorado City, just browsing the area as you reflect on the restored store fronts and old shops which resemble the 1800’s. You will see hitching posts and all kinds of special details that remind you of the olden days.

4. Palmer Park – One of the best free things to do in Colorado Springs, on a nice day is have a picnic in Palmer Park. You can also take in the exquisite scenery while going on a nature hike.

5. Pikes Peak Summit House – This is one of the top Colorado Springs attractions because it allows you to sit and take in the sites of Pikes Peak, without having to pay. You can relax inside without worrying about digging out any cash.

6. US Space Foundation – This is also one of the great free things to do in Colorado, especially for children who love space and astronomy. It is a museum that has a huge collection of space mission artifacts and pictures of space explorers.

7. Bear Creek Nature Center – One of the other free things to do in Colorado is to spot wildlife. At this nature center, you can spend your time peering over exhibits and collections, then go outside and find a few trails to spot Colorado wildlife.

8. Prospect Lake and Memorial Park –Since swimming, paddle boats and picnicking are some of the best free things to do in Colorado, why not do it all in one location? Here you can even bring your pet along and spend the day near the lake in peaceful, tranquility.

9. Fountain Creek Nature Center – This is a great place to explore the wetlands and see a few exhibits. You can also go walking on over a dozen trails and spot a few small creatures or even larger wildlife, native to Colorado.

10. America the Beautiful Park – Take your camera or video camera and head downtown to this park complete with trails, foothills and views of the skyline.