Top 10 Things To Do in Copenhagen For First Timers!

Things To Do In CopenhagenUndoubtedly the first thing to do as your plane lands at Copenhagen Airport is to take deep breath as you inhale the fresh and clean air of this Scandinavian city known for being environmentally friendly. If fact, most workers bike to work every single day which reduces the pollution that other cities have issues with. Next on your agenda of things to do in Copenhagen should be to visit all the places that we’ve pulled together on this top 10 list for first timers.

1. Tivoli Gardens – A multi facetted event venue, whereas guests can walk through the perfectly sculptured and manicured landscaping, take in a musical concert or play. You’ll find several things to do in Copenhagen with kids just by spending the entire day at the amusement park riding the wooden roller coaster, Ferris wheel and playing games.

2. Rosenborg Castle — Several Copenhagen tours include stopping off at this historic castle which dates back since 1624. An important part of the Danish history and is home to the Crown Jewels and Danish Crown Regalia.

3. The King’s Garden – Situated just outside the Rosenborg Castle is the first of several Denmark Royal Gardens. Full of beautiful blooming flowers in the summer time, the garden attracts both locals and tourists who are all looking for things to do in Copenhagen; for romantic fairy tale picnic settings.

4. Nyhavn – In classic Danish style, the Nyhavn waterfront is lined with colorful townhomes, bars, cafes and restaurants. Hospitality is showered on tourists and walking along the harbor will create a memorable experience.

5. Stroget Street – When it comes to things to do in Copenhagen, this street has it all plus some. Known as the longest pedestrian street due to it being an auto free zone, makes it a popular tourist attraction for first timers. There you will find, restaurants that serve any and all kinds of foods, cinema, art galleries, theaters, live entertainment and shopping, shopping and more shopping.

6. Little Mermaid Statue – If you remember Disney’s remake of the Little Mermaid and the happily ever life Ariel was looking for, then you’ll be interested in visiting the statue which is the basis of the story since you traveled all the way to Denmark.

7. Changing of the Guard at Amalienborg Palace – Much like the ceremony in England, the Royal Guard protect the Danish monarchy and daily at noon, one regiment changes over to the next. It falls as one of many major Copenhagen attractions.

8. National Museet – Also known as the National Museum of Denmark, covers over 14,000 years of cultural Danish history as well as other international pieces of work. There are exhibits that focus on the Ice Age, Middle Ages and everyday life of the Danish people.

9. Absolut Ice Bar – If you decide to try something different than the normal Copenhagen restaurants scene, then you should dress warm and head over to the coolest bar in town. Well, maybe we mean the coldest bar. If you can brave the sub zero temperatures, forge in for spirits and some ice cold refreshments.

10. Dine with the Danes Program — From the Caribbean to South Africa, similar programs have gained much success. For an opportunity, to learn firsthand about the culture, history, and food partake in this local program. Tours can be set up with the local Danish Board of Tourism.

With so many things to do in Copenhagen for first timers, you’ll notice quickly that one trip to Denmark won’t be enough. It can be a nice retreat with several attractions year round.