Top 10 Things To Do in Denver With Kids

Things To Do in Denver With KidsLocating things to do in Denver with kids is so easy because it is such a family-friendly town. Denver has hundreds of attractions, but those that cater to children are truly spectacular. They definitely considered the young in age and at heart.

Take a moment to review the top 10 things to do in Denver with kids listed below:

1. Denver Aquarium – This aquarium has more than 500 different types of mammals and marine life living in the Aquarium Adventure Exhibit. Here, over 14 ecosystems exist, including a man-made rainforest. In addition to the variety of species, you can also pan for gold and have a bite to eat in the Aquarium Restaurant.

2. Denver Zoo – Located in City Park, this is a top attraction for kids because it is so vast. The zoo has over 4,000 species of animals, including polar bears and swimming otters. If your kids really love the exotic, they can spy on Komodo dragons and Amur leopards.

3. Elitch Gardens – This is one of the fun things to do in Denver because of the Ferris wheel and roller coasters. They also have a water park, stunt shows and a fully restored carousel with 67 horses for the smaller kids.

4. Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center – This is always one of the best things to do in Denver with kids because it allows them to see so many unique insects that only live in places like Ecuador and Kenya. They also have over 1,200 different types of butterflies.

5. Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum – One of the things to do in Denver includes, a stop at this massive museum which houses over 36 historic space vehicles and airplanes.

6. Wizard’s Chest – When considering things to do in Denver with kids, you must make a stop at this enormous, two-story toy store that measures 8,000 square feet. Children can easily get lost in this fantasy world.

7. Lollipop Park Indoor Children’s Amusement Park – This is one of the best things to do in Denver with kids, especially if the weather is not promising. It’s indoors so it’s always the perfect climate. Inside, there are ice skating rinks, rides, games, mini golf and even a wall for rock climbing.

8. Denver Museum of Nature and Science – This is one of the main Denver tourist attractions, not just for kids but also for adults. It has a number of exhibits regarding dinosaurs and space for kids, but also, an awe-inspiring IMAX theater and planetarium.

9. Coors Field – This is a great place to bring the kids to get an inside view of professional baseball. They will love seeing a real ballpark up close and away from a television screen. They can marvel at the size and even take a turn hitting a few baseballs.

10. Platte Valley Trolley Ride – Children will enjoy this ride on the trolley with its bright, yellow cars, and old-fashioned wooden interior. Since it only lasts 25 minutes, it will appeal to even smaller kids with a shorter attention span.