Top 10 Things To Do in French Switzerland

Things To Do in French SwitzerlandWe find ‘French Switzerland’ sharing a border with France, so naturally some of the cultures and traditions have become intertwined along the way. The most notable city in French Switzerland is Geneva, home to many interesting places to see and things to do. These are the top 10 things to do in French Switzerland you won’t want to miss:

1. Lake Geneva has to make the list of Switzerland tourist attractions for its impressive beauty alone. The lake empties into the river Rhone and is home to the Jet d’Eau a fountain that is also one of Geneva’s most famous landmarks.

2. St. Pierre’s Cathedral and its underground archeological site make for impressive things to do in French Switzerland. Not only is the cathedral worth a look, but the basement houses a dig complete with ancient mosaics and a religious history dating back thousands of years.

3. Looking for free things to do in French Switzerland? Then the Museum of Natural History is one for you to see. It houses vast collections of the history of our planet and is a fun excursion for adults and kids alike.

4. For more serious things to do in Geneva, check out the UNOG, Palais des Nations, the birthplace of the UN. Tour the main rooms and see the artwork from around the world as you learn the history of this great organization.

5. Right next door to the UN is another of the interesting places to visit in Switzerland, the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Museum. Here you can learn the history of the famous Red Cross and see displays depicting their great work throughout the world.

6. The Collection Baur is home to impressive Chinese and Japanese artwork with ceramics, prints, paintings and the like on display.

7. Created as an ode to the watchmaking region, the Flower Clock is another of the great things to do in French Switzerland. The flowers change every three months and the clock tells the time, of course, making it a great place for a photo op.

8. The Museum of Ethnography has exhibits that change periodically, but that stimulate the senses in this unique collection.

9. L’ancien Arsenal may be included in your Switzerland tour, or you may wish to check it out alone. It is a 15th century weapons depot that today displays various cannon and collections from medieval times.

10. Chillon Castle is on the shores of Lake Geneva and is a unique place to visit that is full of history and culture. Artwork, murals, recreated rooms, tunnels and much more await in this famous building that dates back hundreds of years.

There are plenty of other things to do in French Switzerland that will delight history buffs and nature lovers alike. Walks, museums, old and new architecture, quaint towns and amazing vistas all combine to make this a vacation to remember.