Top 10 Things to Do in German Switzerland

Things To Do in German SwitzerlandFrom the big name cities like Zurich to Lucerne and Bern, things to do in German Switzerland abound. Set in the midst of the beautiful Alps, German Switzerland is something right out of Heidi, in fact the famous novel was written in Zurich, and as you will see, that’s not the only thing significant about this part of the country. Here are the top 10 things to do in German Switzerland.

1. We start in Lucerne and beautiful Lake Lucerne Switzerland with her fjord like ‘arms’, boat tours, cycling and walking paths and skating ponds when weather permits. The mountains and forests, meadows and plateaus are what the country is all about.

2. One of the best things to do in Lucerne is to travel up Mount Pilatus. During the months of May-November the world’s steepest cog wheel train can take you to the peak, but don’t worry, you can access it year round by gondola as well. The mountain is also home to Switzerland’s largest suspension rope park.

3. Rounding out Lucerne, things to do in German Switzerland take a prehistoric turn when you visit the Glacier Garden. See a glacial pothole, rock formations and a hall of mirrors as well as the history of the town in this neat attraction.

4. If you are looking for things to do in Bern you’re in luck. The Das Einstein Haus is where the famous man stayed for a few years while working on his theory of relativity. Today it is a tourist attraction with many artifacts from these years on display.

5. One of the more interesting places to visit in Switzerland is the Gantrisch Panoramic Trail taking you high over the city on wooden walkways with a view to die for.

6. While in Bern, you must check out the Cathedral, the largest in the country. It hails from the 15th century and has a 328 foot spire that can be seen for miles.

7. Things to do in Zurich are of course plentiful, like the Old Town where visitors can check out the cobblestoned streets, the stores and religious landmarks that are hallmarks of a bygone time.

8. The Zurich Zoo is fun for the whole family and offers over 2000 animals on display in a compact area that also houses a rainforest, a biosphere and many different pavilions.

9. Switzerland tourist attractions don’t get better than this if you’re an avid shopper. The Bahnhofstrasse is a road full of world class shopping, wonderful restaurants and the world’s most famous of banks.

10. One of the things to do in German Switzerland, again for the whole family takes us back to Bern home of the Bear Park. Real bears live in this park right by the lake and visitors can view them from the bottom of a hill as they go about their daily activities.

Whether you are part of one of the many Switzerland tours, are visiting on business or are enjoying a Swiss vacation, the many things to do in German Switzerland will make this a trip to remember.