Top 10 Things To Do In Jerusalem

Things To Do In JerusalemJerusalem, Israel is a city that has an abundance of history and culture; most of which is centered on the history of 3 major religions in the world, namely Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. There are many things to do in Jerusalem which will give tourists a better understanding as well as knowledge about this beautiful city. Here we have a list of the top ten things to do in Jerusalem.

1. Jaffa Gate Jerusalem – Visitors can explore this most important of the portals leading into the city of Jerusalem.

2. Bloomfield Science Museum – This is one of the most fun things to do in Jerusalem, especially for children. The science museum is located conveniently in the center of the city and offers many hands-on exhibits of anything from architecture to physics.

3. Mount of Olives – This is thought to be the location of the main burial grounds of Jesus located in the Church of the Holy Ascension. This is the last footprint of Jesus before he ascended to heaven.

4. The Wailing Wall Jerusalem – This is the most sacred location in all of Jerusalem. This is located on the outer wall of the Second Temple. It is said that Jews would go here to mourn their loss as well as pray for a better future by putting notes with sacred wishes in the cracks between the wall stones.

5. Inbal Hotel Spa – While on any vacation, you should make a little time to relax and rejuvenate. This wonderful spa will focus on just that. Guests will enjoy the state of the art fitness center as well as massages and a body peel and facial.

6. Rockefeller Museum Jerusalem – This museum is located in east Jerusalem and displays many exhibits of artifacts from the British Mandate period. Some of these exhibits include gold jewelry and Megiddo Ivory.

7. Israel Museum – Founded in 1965, the museum is home to the country’s largest displays of Holy Land antiquities such as the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Shrine of the Book of Structure.

8. Cutzot Hayotzer Artists Fair – When looking for different things to do in Jerusalem, visitors will not want to miss this summer’s largest tourist attraction. This artist’s fair displays paintings, prints and ceramic works of more than 150 artists.

9. Hezekiah’s Tunnel – This is a wonderful display of history from the reign f Hezekiah. Many of the archaeological finds include archaeological tools and equipment from earlier excavations.

10. Davidson Center – Visiting this attraction is like stepping right back into Jerusalem’s history. There are many displays that include ancient artwork as well as other archaeological finds.

When choosing Jerusalem tourist attractions, the above list will help to make sure your Israeli vacation is a success and not something you will ever forget.