Top 10 Things To Do in Kathmandu

Did you know that there are more than 65 different things to do in Kathmandu? Having this knowledge could make a visitor feel very overwhelmed. It is extremely easy to get caught up in the splendor of the capital of Nepal, so you should have a good plan in place before your airplane touches down.

The top 10 things to do in Kathmandu are listed below:

1. Bhaktapur – This ancient city is located in Kathmandu Valley and is one of the best places to visit in Nepal. This is where tourists come to see temples and some of the most exceptional stone-carved monsters, which are only a few of the beautiful artistic pieces. Here, you can study the culture and traditions of the Newari people, indigenous to this land.

2. Bodhnath Stupa – This city is always a part of Nepal tours due to the history of Tibetan Buddhists who make their pilgrimage here at least once in their lifetime. You will encounter nuns and monks who live in here among 29 nunneries and monasteries. You can’t help taking notice of the prayer flags, statues, and the smell of burning incense.

3. Kopan Monastery – This religious site is where tourists can come to meditate and reflect on the peaceful surroundings of Kathmandu. There are beautiful temples, with dazzling colors and awesome statues.

4. Swayambunath – This is one of the things to do in Kathmandu if you want to see the original Buddha shrine, which to the Nepalese people is their god. It is located on top off a high mountain and is quite dazzling in appearance.

5. Annapurna Circuit Trek – Trekking in Nepal is a top activity and this range is extremely beautiful. The route of the entire trek is surrounded by exquisite plant life that you can only find in this part of the world.

6. Garden of Dreams – Of the things to do in Kathmandu, this historical garden has such amazing sights, like the paved paths and pavilions, abundant foliate and European-styled trellises. In the center, lies a sunken pond with a surrounding flower garden.

7. Pashupatinath –This is one of the things to do in Kathmandu that may take some visitors off guard. It is an area where daily cremations occur, but it is an important part of their culture and must be seen and respected.

8. Durbar Square – One of the top landmarks in Kathmandu and very close to a number of Kathmandu hotels. There are temples and monuments galore. You will also notice animals wandering the square, which makes for a very unique experience.

9. Dakshinkali Temple – The temple of the goddess Kali where natives still sacrifice animals to pay homage two times a week. It is vibrant in color and a fascinating way to see a Hindu temple, once you reach the top.

10. Changu Narayan – This is one of the things to do in Kathmandu that many consider off the beaten path, but well worth it. You will see a variety of temple carvings and learn the full history of Kathmandu. There are also spectacular views from the mountain vistas.