Top 10 Things To Do in Kona Hawaii

Things To Do in Kona HawaiiIf you want things to do in Kona Hawaii, you had better prepare to spend a lot of time outdoors. This is due to the unbelievable number of activities, sights and attractions that make this part of Hawaii very popular, but surprisingly enough, not overcrowded.

Here is a list of the top 10 things to do in Kona Hawaii:

1. Climb to the summit of Mauna Kea – Make this the first stop of your plans considering things to do in Kona Hawaii. This peak provides you with awesome views of Mauna Loa, lava flows, the valley and the desert all in one place.

2. Take a ride in a helicopter or boat – Hawaii volcano tours are available on Kona and if you have a great thrill seeking side, you can find a helicopter tour that will bring you to some of the top volcano sights. If you prefer a boat, ride along the water where you can see and feel the hot steaming lava spewing from the volcanoes.

3. Romp on white sand – Hawaii is known for two things when it comes to beaches, both black and white sand. Manini’owali Beach also known as Kua Bay is absolutely jaw-dropping in terms of things to do in Kona Hawaii. The water is crystal clear and the sand pure white.

4. See where the royals lived – Hulihe’e Palace should always be tops on things to do in Kona Hawaii. This is where kings and queens of Hawaii lived at one time. The Hawaiian monarchy is very important to the natives and it has history, statues and monuments for you to see.

5. Enjoy an authentic Luau at Kona Coast Resort – This resort boasts just about as much fun as you can handle. The staff is attentive to your needs and they have lots of activities to keep the kids busy. At night, enjoy the live show or luau while dining on suckling pig and more Hawaiian delicacies

6. Go snorkeling – One of the fun things to do in Kona Hawaii is snorkeling and Kiholo Bay is famous for this activity. The wildlife is abundant both above and below the water and because it is so clear, you can explore without any hindrance.

7. Play a round of golf – At the Kona Country Club, which is also one of the better hotels in Kona Hawaii, you can enjoy 18 holes of golf while being surrounded by stunning scenery. The value is great and if you stay too late just check in for the night.

8. Have a drink or two – Big island activities don’t end when the sun goes down. At Kailua Pier, you can enjoy tropical drinks and excellent meals at some of the best restaurants in town. If you prefer something besides authentic Hawaiian food, grab a burger and fries.

9. Feel the spirit – Kamakahonu is one of the most religious sites on Kona and has a wonderful respect for the culture. Walk along the roads where some of the most famous ancient kings and queens once walked and become one with nature.

10. Take a drive – Kona is full of scenic highways, but Royal Footsteps is one of the best. It is situated right on Kona’s coast so you can see the sun set or rise, depending upon the time of day you venture out.