Top 10 Things To Do in Lanzarote

Things to Do in LanzaroteGrey volcano shaped landscapes and hauntingly bare views of Lanzarote might not sound like a perfect Canary Islands vacation spot at first. However, do not rush into conclusions until you have a chance to explore the real worthiness of one of Canary Islands resorts.

Let our Top 10 Things to do in Lanzarote guide take you through a journey of Lanzarote explorations.

1. Camel Rides are fun things to do in Lanzarote and come with the territory, so to say. The locals believe that the best way of exploring Lanzarote is by renting a camel. Be warned that camels are well known to emit strong odors and might even spit if you get on their nerves. If you are a first time camel rider, try to always ride with an owner in order to avoid dangerous falls and uncomfortable situations.

2. Wine sampling at Lanzarote Winery. Wine sampling might not be among the first things to do in Lanzarote that come to mind looking at bare landscapes of the island. However, previous volcano eruptions had produced ample amounts of ash resulting in tremendously enriched local soil that is ideal for growing fruits and vegetables without the use of pesticides. Tropical location of the Island helps maintain warm temperatures year round and results in deliciously sweet wines.

3. Tour Lanzarote volcanoes. Lanzarote is known to have almost 300 active volcanoes scattered across the islands. The Northern part or the area is the most popular destination of exploring volcano shaped landscapes including caves and grottoes.

4. Lanzarote Beaches are considered to be the best in the world and are definitely worth checking out while on Canary Island holidays. Sandy beaches will welcome you with various shades of sand depending which beach you go to ranging from pure white at Orzola to jet black at the Playa Quemada. There are lots of marine things to do in Lanzarote like snorkeling, diving and wind surfing.

5. Explore Lanzarote on your own by renting a car. Car rental Lanzarote could be easily done right at the airport. It’s a very economical way of exploring many great attractions on the Island, however, there are a few things to remember. Driving in Lanzarote is right hand sided, always carry cash for gas since many credit card machines are in constant state of being out of order.

6. Timanfaya National Park is a must see attraction in Lanzarote. Since it’s technically a volcano park, you can not explore it by foot and need to ride a coach or a camel for this purpose. The park exhibits many rare species of plants and famous Fire Mountains. Do not forget to dine at the local restaurant El Diabolo that utilizes geothermal heat to cook its local cuisine specialties.

7. Jardin de Cactus is always included in the most favorite things to do in Lanzarote lists due to its uniqueness and out of the box approach. Here you can admire a multitude of cacti species that are interspaced with Cesar Manrique’s art sculptures creating a unique exhibit.

8. Visit the Lanzarote wine museum. The museum has an impressive selection of old wine making instruments and machinery that were used centuries ago based mostly on manual labor. The admission price of 3 euro includes a free wine sampling.

9. Visiting Lanzarote Aquarium is especially fun for travelers with children. That is a unique place where you can get familiar with truly native species of ocean inhabitants like beautiful tropical fish, trigger fish, fire dragons, sea urchins and many more.

10. Guinate Tropical Park is another kid friendly attraction in Lanzarote that guarantees loads of fun for the whole family. See reptiles, fish, birds and many other inhabitants of Canary Islands.

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