Top 10 Things To Do In Montreal In Winter

Things To Do In Montreal In WinterMontreal is well-known for its frigid winters and high amounts of snow-fall. For this reason, whether you are a local or just visiting you will need to find things to do in Montreal in winter. There are plenty of fun activities to do in this beautiful city.

Top ten things to do in Montreal in winter are presented for your consideration.

1. Ice Climbing – This is definitely for the more adventurous. If you are up for it, take a chance and climb up thick mountains of ice.

2. Ice Skating Trails – Ice skate through the many trails and a maze. If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse or two of deer up close.

3. Snow Shoeing – This is an ancient way of getting around the deep snow. Rent a pair of snow shoes and walk through the countryside and enjoy the breathtaking views.

4. Snow Tubing – Grab an inner tube and slide down popular Mont Royal. This is one of the most fun things to do in Montreal.

5. Ice Skating – Enjoy an afternoon or evening of ice skating before relaxing with a cup of delicious hot chocolate to warm you up.

6. Catch a Hockey Game – The United States has baseball and Canada has hockey. If you are given a chance be sure to catch a game. As Canadians love their hometown teams, be sure to root for the Montreal Canadians.

7. Sleigh Rides – Enjoy a horse drawn sleigh ride through this picturesque city. This is one of the most romantic ways to spend an afternoon. Many Montreal vacation packages may include a sleigh ride, so be sure to ask!

8. Cross Country Skiing – With so much snow, visitors will definitely have to take some time out to enjoy some cross country skiing.

9. Tour The Ice Hotel – This is the most expensive hotels in Montreal if you were to attempt to stay here although a tour through this unique hotel is very inexpensive and truly worth visiting. Enjoy a cocktail in an ice glass. One of the must-do things to do in Montreal in winter.

10. Underground City – If you are looking to get out of the frigid temperatures, this is the place to go. Not only is there an exciting Montreal nightlife going on here, but there are plenty of restaurants and shops to visit as well.

While most of us tend to stay inside during the winter, avoiding the cold and ice, it’s clear that Montreal embraces it with no shortage of things to do in Montreal in winter.