Top 10 Things To Do in Munich

Things To Do in Munich1. Take A City Bike Tour – A bike tour is one of the top things to do in Munich, and this city is one of the friendliest in the world where bike riders are concerned. Bike tours may range from one hour up to eight hours or more, depending on the specific tour you choose.

Marienplatz2. Visit Marienplatz – If you plan to travel Germany and the Munich area you should stroll through the Marienplatz, or St. Mary’s Square. This is the center of the city and offers many different dining and shopping opportunities, as well as historic architecture and fantastic sightseeing. When the square was first built in the medieval era, it held another title, but it was changed to Marienplatz in the early 1600’s possibly to gain divine protection from a cholera epidemic, or in honor of the Mariensäule (St. Mary’s Column) monument that was erected after the end of a failed Swiss invasion. While walking through Marienplatz the rich history of Munich unfolds. From its past, fountains, statuary, municipal buildings, and the famous Rathaus Glockenspiel remain; and from today there are prime shopping locations with the best the city has to offer.

Victuals Market3. Explore The Victuals Market – One of the favorite things to do in Munich for both locals and foreigners is to visit the Viktualienmarkt, or Victuals Market. This large outdoor market offers many different foods and specialties for sale. The open air market is a long standing tradition in Europe, and many continue to this day. The market once resided in Marienplatz, the main town square of Munich, but eventually grew to warrant its relocation to the square between Heiliggeist-Kirche and Frauenstrasse in 1807. It burned down in 1932, and was revitalized in 2005. Now it is the best place in Munich to sample local flavors in honey, meats, and wines; along with produce from all over Europe including cheeses, rare spice blends, and delicatessens.

Hofbrauhaus4.Have a Drink at Hofbrauhaus – No matter which Munich accommodation you stay at, no visit to the city during Oktoberfest would be complete without a beer at Hofbräuhaus, the most famous beer hall in the world. It is still worth braving the crowds to see the self-proclaimed “most popular pub in the world.” Hofbrauhaus Munich was first founded in the sixteenth century, making it also the oldest beer house in the world. The Hofbrauhaus offers seven different beers from its brewery, and traditional Bavarian cuisine in its restaurant. Every night a spirit of Oktoberfest overtakes the beer hall, as bands play Bavarian music, the crowds are lead in song and performers juggle up to ten steins at a time.

English Gardens5. Explore The Famous English Gardens – One of the most popular things to do in Munich by tourists and locals alike is take a stroll through the Englischer Garten, the “English Garden.” Munich’s Englischer Garten is nearly four square kilometers, making it one of the largest urban parks in the world and even larger than Manhattan’s Central Park, and offer a tranquility and beauty that is relaxing and refreshing. Enjoy the beer garden by the famous Chinesischer Turm (“Chinese Tower”) or other beer gardens; watch surfers on the artificial waves of the Eisbach river; take in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony at the Japanisches Teehaus; or sunbathe with residents near the horse track—although this is not advised if you are skittish about the nude sun bathing which is permitted.

Dachau6. Tour Dachau – While there are a lot of things to do in Munich, an important historical site rests just outside of the main city proper, in the small, pleasant town of Dachau: the very first of the concentration camps used during Nazi reign. At the insistence of former prisoners of Dachau, the site first became a memorial in the early 1960’s. If you are unfamiliar with the scope of the horrors of the concentration camp system, then take the time to pay respects. Guided tours are available in English, and a movie at the opening of the tour gives an honest and uncensored introduction to the camp of Dachau. This trip may be uncomfortable for some, and although this camp plays a large role in the history of Munich this tour is not recommended for everyone.

7. Tour Neuschwanstein Castle – Out of all the castles in Germany, Neuschwanstein is the most famous, and the most beautiful. This castle would fit in perfectly in any fairytale, and has a fascinating history.

8. Visit Nymphenburg Palace – Almost any of the hotels in Munich, Germany can provide directions to the Nymphenburg Palace, and the structure and grounds are both breathtaking. One of the best times to visit this castle is during Oktoberfest, because the foliage is exquisite in September and October.

9. Visit The Big Tents – In Munich Oktoberfest means beer, and plenty of it. The big tents are the big names in beer, such as Lowenbrau, and any visit during this time should include stops at many of the big tents for a taste.

10. Taste A Wide Variety of Beers – Beer drinking is one of the most popular things to do in Munich, and this is especially true during Oktoberfest. This is a great time for beer connoisseurs to try a wide variety of lagers and beers.