Top 10 Things To Do in Panama

Things To Do in PanamaUndoubtedly one of the most culturally diverse destinations in Central America, Panama is widely known in the world due to its quintessential attraction, the Panama Canal, which became a major subject of political dispute over the years. Its strategic location on the coast of the Caribbean Sea of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean create a magnitude of things to do in Panama, including water sports, beach going and much more. In addition, lush jungles of the Central America are brimming with unique species of flora and fauna, thrilling adventures and cultural encounters.
Please see below where we have carefully selected a list of top 10 things to do in Panama.

1. Panama Canal – Country’s mega attraction, this strategic waterway passage connects Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean enabling ships to cut their travel mileage by 8000 miles by eliminating the need to travel around the Cape Horn. The construction of the Canal and events that took place afterwards played an important part in the Panama history. You can learn all the details by booking Panama Canal tours allowing you to see cargo vessels, cruise ships and large boats cross the iconic Panama Canal. In addition to scenic Panama Canal views, you will be able to witness construction expansion of the Canal.

2. Panama City – Located on the crossroads of two major world Oceans, Panama’ capital offers no shortage of cosmopolitan, natural and cultural riches. Considered one of the major Central American destination, Panama City contains major Panama attractions like the Panama Canal, magnificent historical Casco Viejo (the former city center pre Canal construction), curious Museo del Canal depicting the political and historical facts surrounding the construction of the iconic engineering wonder and many others. Gorgeous beaches, wild nightclubs and Panamian cuisine have no rivals allowing you to have the best vacation in Central America.

3. Panama Viejo Ruins – One of the most important historical and architectural attractions in the country, Viejo Ruins are what is left from the original location of the Panama City. Poorly preserved due to government’s lack of care, you can still see some remains of once grand stone walls, city structures and cathedrals. Seeing the Cathedral’s Bell Tower is a highlight of visiting Panama Viejo Ruins that serves as a tribute to the turbulent history of the city.

4. Bocas del Toro – Archipelago Bocal del Toro encompasses six islands, some of the best places to set on peaceful and relaxing vacations in Panama. Relatively not crowded, these tranquil escapes are some of the best you will find in the Caribbean. There are endless things to do in Panama here, including snorkeling amidst coral reefs, jungle adventures, care free days at the beach front and getting to know the Caribbean way of life.

5. Panama All Inclusive Resorts – Beaches are among the best things to do in Panama, why not spend your vacation in the comfort of an all inclusive resort in Panama? Melia Panama Canal Resort is situated at the banks of beautiful tropical Lake Gatun surrounded by lush flora and a variety of animals inhabiting the area. Panama Canal is within a short trip away, so you would not have to waste time traveling. Most rooms provide beautiful views of Lake Gatun and are equipped with all the modern amenities. Royal Decameron Beach Resort is another all inclusive hotel located in the Playa Blanca beachfront area offering 8 swimming pools, a large number of restaurants and amenities to please its guests. Sheraton Bijao Beach all inclusive hotel located on the Pacific coast is nothing short of spectacular. Its immaculate selection of room amenities, entertainment venues and activities are sure to satisfy even the pickiest guest.

6. Panama Adventure Tours – The mere geographical location of the country creates endless opportunities for true adventure junkies. Whether you love to dive, go white water rafting, kayaking, wild life exploring, hiking or zip lining the coast and jungles of Panama are nearly ideal places to try these activities.

7. Parque Nacional Volcan Baru – The place of once active Volcano Baru, its peak is considered the highest point in Panama rising at almost 3500 into the sky. The most popular activity in the park is hiking through trails of varied levels of difficulty. Hiking tours are the best way to explore nearby hills and trail so you don’t get lost in Panama’s wilderness. For really adventurous, climbing Volcano Baru tours are offered requiring some basic fitness skills since the trek gets very steep at times.

8. Contadora Island – Featured on the popular TV Show Survivor, the Island is a place of idyllic natural sceneries, some of the best beaches in the country and virtually no traffic problems like you could find in busy Panama City. Take in the beauty of the island at your own pace, snorkel or dive to your heart’s content, enjoy sunsets and reconnect with self or loved ones.

9. Monkey Island Tour– Located within 40 minutes of the Panama City, Monkey Island tour offers spectacular exploration of Lake Gatun area inhabited by several species of monkeys, crocodiles, iguanas and exotic birds. Tours last approximately 6 hours, and travelers will also have a chance to bathe in natural springs, kayak through the lake while enjoying colorful jungle environment.

10. Kuna Yala Panama Tour – Once in a lifetime opportunity to dive into the life before modern civilization rolled in by going on a Kuna Yala weekend adventure. Kuna Yala territory is located on the Caribbean Sea coast so there are lots of beach going, swimming and snorkeling involved. Very limited vehicle access is allowed to enter Kuna territory so travel groups must be entering through established tour guides. Lush jungle flora, Caribbean coast and unique cultural experiences of the Kuna people create some of the best things to do in Panama.