Top 10 Things To Do In Philadelphia With Kids

Things To Do In Philadelphia With KidsPhiladelphia is one of the oldest historical centers in the United States that boasts a plethora of things to do and see. Whether you are a resident of the City of Brotherly Love or you’re just visiting, there is truly no shortage of things to do in Philadelphia with kids. Here we have compiled a list of the top ten things to do in Philadelphia with kids.

1. Fireman’s Hall Museum – Every kid at one point wants to be a fireman (or woman) when they grow up. This museum will give them a first-hand glance into the history of firefighting back to when Benjamin Franklin founded the first firehouse.

2. Philadelphia Zoo – Visitors of all ages will love the many exhibits of species as well as the new refurbished petting zoo which includes a walk through bunny village and a tractor that the kids can climb on.

3. Liberty Bell Philadelphia – This is a great interactive experience for the entire family as well as one of the most recognizable landmarks in the country.

4. Ride the Ducks Philadelphia – These are busses that are designed to ride in the water or on land. This is a fun experience for everyone and the guides are very knowledgeable. You might even learn a little of the history of Philadelphia. This is one of the best things to do in Philadelphia with kids.

5. Where the Wild Things Romp – This is a wonderful new addition to the Please Touch Museum where kids can romp and make noise in this indoor playground. There is even a section just for babies.

6. Please Touch Museum Philadelphia – The entire family will love this amazing interactive museum where guests will be able to enjoy many hands-on activities including the Alice in Wonderland Maze and the Carousel. This is one of the best museums in Philadelphia especially for kids and families.

7. Academy of Natural Sciences – This museum is a look into the history of the world including many wonderful dinosaur skeleton exhibits.

8. Catch a Phillies Game – No trip to Philadelphia is complete without catching a baseball game. This brand new park also has a free arcade and playground to keep the kids busy before and after the game. A truly great experience!

9. Philadelphia Orchestra Family Concert Series – The entire family will enjoy the many kids’ productions and festivals that are offered.

10. Yo! Adrien! – Kids will love to reenact the famous jog up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art before going inside and enjoying stories and other activities.

It’s clear that there are many fun things to do in Philadelphia with kids regardless of where your interests lie.