Top 10 Things To Do in Phuket For Fun!

Things To Do in PhuketThe largest island in Thailand, Phuket is an idyllic destination for honeymooners, singles, families and everyone in between. Westernized island is perfect for water sports lovers, foodies and nightlife goers. Miles and miles of the best Thailand beaches are awaiting you offering inviting turquoise waters, endless surfing and snorkeling opportunities for the real thrill seekers.

No matter the weather, you will find plenty of things to do in Phuket. From touring neighboring islands, to diving and kayaking, to partying on the beach, you will not be bored for a minute.

1. Beaches – We are not afraid to repeat ourselves, beaches are the main things to do in Phuket. Patong Beach is the heart of the beach paradise offering a myriad of activities during the day and night in addition to water sports activities. Watch out for monsoon season swimming from May through October due to treacherous tidal conditions which might be dangerous for swimming.

2. Phuket Big Buddha – Massive Statue of Buddha has become one of the most sacred landmarks for Thai people. The statue is constructed with the finest white marble glistening under the sunlight. The base of the Statue measures approximately 80 feet across and the statue’s height is 150 feet creating a gigantic statue rising proudly of the Nakkerd Hills.

3. Shrine of the Serene Light – Located in the heart of the Old Phuket Town is hard to find like any special things in life. This Shrine provides a nice and peaceful escape from otherwise busy resort Phuket atmosphere. Get yourself a map and examine room by room, corner by corner to unveil unbelievable spiritual details, architecture, fresh flowers and burning incense.

4. Panwa Viewpoint – The Tower provides fantastic panoramic views of the Phuket Islands and is relatively not crowded. Once you climb a long flight of stairs, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Phuket, Big Buddha, Chalong Bay and a wide infrastructure of Phuket resorts. Snapping pictures of your family against gorgeous panoramic landscapes is a must.

5. Phuket Aquarium – Rated among fun and educational things to do in Phuket, the Aquarium presents the most incredible marine species housed in massive water tanks. The highlight of the Aquarium is a gigantic water tank shaped as a tunnel allowing you to get up-close to some of the most angelic and ugly looking creatures inhabiting the Indian Ocean waters like sting rays, sharks, stone fish, turtles and many others. At the end of the tunnel lies just another surprise, a chance to come face to face with the largest cod fish, the size of an average human.

6. Phuket Fantasea – Larger than life spectacle presenting Thai performing arts of unbelievable proportions. Hundreds of actors, gymnasts, aerial stuntmen and elephants bring you this extravagant show. Over the top stage décor, lights and music show, lasers, pouring rain, Thai style dancing and even tigers help make this an unforgettable experience.

7. Phuket Nightlife – Phuket is party goers’ paradise completed with world class bars, live shows and entertainment joints that stay open till the wee hours of the night. Patong beach is the epicenter for the wildest, booze soaked parties, cabaret shows geared to any sexual orientation guests and night clubs playing anything from trance, pop or disco.

8. Phang Nga Bay – Why limit your vacation just to Phuket, once you grow tired of long days lounging at the beach, book a tour to see neighboring islands. Phang Nga is a gorgeous Bay with unique sea cliffs jutting out of the water, sea caves surrounded by turquoise waters inhabited by endangered marine species and birds. Take a boat tour to see James Bond Island made famous by the 1970’s movie that has seen been attracting hordes of curious tourists. Some travel gurus call the island cheesy; some love it and recommend you see it during your next vacation. But perhaps the best way to experience the beauty of the area is renting a kayak and getting up close to incredible sights around the Bay.

9. Thai Boxing – One of the roughest sports in the world, Muay Thai is a form of martial arts that resembles boxing. Some of the most adrenaline rushing things to do in Phuket are to watch the drama of kicks, punches and stunts accompanied by excellent music, crowd cheering and atmosphere of competition. There are a number of Thai Boxing stadiums around Patong Beach area, so give them a try in your spare time.

10. Kathu Waterfall – They say “do what the locals do” and we recommend you do just that. Not one of the biggest or greatest but a continuous flow of locals flock here to cool off during especially hot weather. Presenting a series of cascading waterfalls, Kathu Waterfall is a great place to take a dip, that’s after you do some serious climbing to get to the top tier.

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