Top 10 Things To Do in Sacramento with Kids

Things To Do in Sacramento With KidsNo matter the age, you can find a number of things to do in Sacramento with kids if you know where to look and budget accordingly. Since kids are as varied as adults are, not every child will enjoy the same activity.

That’s why when you are looking for things to do in Sacramento with kids you need to have a good list to go by. If they become bored or start to wander, you can reel them in and head off to your next destination.

Here is the top 10 things you might like to do with your kiddos in Sacramento:

1. The Sacramento Zoo – No child can resist seeing wildlife in their natural surroundings. Children can learn the behaviors of the animals and even take a trip to the petting section where the tamer ones live. It’s a great experience for the very young and even teenagers.

2. Raging Waters – Just about every child loves water parks and this is one of the top California tourist attractions because of the 25 attractions, clear pools, breathtaking slides and all kinds of activities geared towards their age group.

3. Fairytale Town – Things to do in Sacramento with kids always includes a stop at Fairytale Town. Since the kids are already familiar with these loveable book characters, they can experience life-sized models of their most beloved friends, including Peter Rabbitt, and the Little Old Lady who Lived in a Shoe. They also teach kids about gardening and perform live shows.

4. Paradise Island – A great place to find things to do in Sacramento with kids because of the variety of attractions. They have slides, bumper cars, miniature golf, roller coasters and so much more. Even adults can get in on the action and make this a wonderful day for everyone.

5. Funderland – This is one of the things to do in Sacramento with kids between toddler size and about 8 years old. They have less thrill rides and more fun rides, like the Funderland train, Log Run and Carousel.

6. The Discovery Museum – Other things to do in Sacramento may not be exciting, but still quite fun. That’s because kids are naturally curious. A day at this museum will keep them busy learning without realizing that they are actually learning.

7. Sutter’s Fort – This is a state park where kids can get a good look into the history of the pioneers and see authentic and unique artifacts. They can learn about the gold rush and spend some time in the actual fort itself. Also, they can participate in the well-known river trip that lasts 2 hours and gives the kids an inside view of what life was like in the 1840s.

8. K1 Speed – If you have older kids, they will certainly enjoy speeding around this indoor go kart track. It’s brightly colored and the perfect place for anyone kid who wants thrills and excitement. They provide timed races that focus on skill and strategy to help hone their efforts and their performance is shown on a large overhead screen so everyone can share in the experience. Plus, if you have a large group, they offer catering from one of the best Sacramento restaurants around.

9. Bridgeway Lakes Park – This is one of the many free things to do in Sacramento on a hot summer day. This spray park offers water guns and spraying logs and dumping cones to keep them cool. Also, they have a very interesting playground that has climbing structures unlike most parks.

10. AMF Land Park Lanes – Spend the day indoors bowling, paying arcade games and even shooting a little pool. Kids will love the relaxed atmosphere and the large screen tv’s throughout if they tire of bowling.