Top 10 Things To Do in Sri Lanka

Things to Do in Sri Lanka1. Visiting Yala National Park tops our list of amazing things to do in Sri Lanka. All ages of travelers will be delighted at the number of land and water based activities that you can venture on during your Sri Lanka adventure. Wildlife safaris, bird watching, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving and white water rafting are not only exciting but also educational allowing to see the beauty and amazing animal inhabitants of the Yala National Park including elephants, leopards, bears, turtles, dolphins, flamingos and many more.

2. Seeing Royal Botanic Gardens are also among incredible thing to do in Sri Lanka due to their vast assortment of plants and vegetation set on a 60 hectare lot. Incredible orchids, spice plants and gigantic fig trees native to Sri Lanka could be enjoyed at Royal Botanic Gardens.

3. Some of the most interesting places to visit in Sri Lanka are its Tea Plantations. You can actually experience with your own eyes how tea is grown and harvested. Indulge in sophisticated tea sampling and savor the incredible aromas of world’s greatest teas. Nuwara Eliya Tea Plantation is considered one of the most visited in Sri Lanka.

4. Kandy Market in Sri Lanka is amazing and should be visited by curious tourists coming to the country. Get ready for all your five senses to be reawakened by head spinning multitude of smells, colors and sounds. Coming to the Kandy Market in Sri Lanka will allow you to get an up-close and personal experience of the local style of living. Here you can buy anything ranging from silk saris, sarongs, scarves, teas and an endless selection of souvenirs to take home.

5. Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage is one of the greatest things to do in Sri Lanka especially with children. Initially established in 1975 to preserve baby elephants who lost their moms due to large scale hunting, this Elephant Orphanage holds the biggest captivity based herd of elephants in the entire world. Simply an amazing place to visit to watch elephants during their daily activities like feedings and taking baths in the nearby river.

6. Touring Galle Sri Lanka offers endless opportunities to see old churches, the Dutch Fort along with the National Maritime Museum. Variety of gem, wood carving, spices and high end collectibles make shopping fun here.

7. Negombo Sri Lanka is a beach resort paradise drawing thousands of tourists across the globe. The waters can get quite treacherous around here, so exercise caution while swimming.

8. Visiting Adam’s Peak is one of the most sacred things to do in Sri Lanka for many religious travelers. The Peak takes its name from an old legend telling a story of how Adam first touched the land upon his descent from heaven. There are also multiple legends surrounding this site.

9. Lion Rock in Sri Lanka is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site that and is among the most favorite things to do in Sri Lanka for tourists from many countries. Climbing the Lion Rock Mountain opens breathtaking views of the area and monkeys that are quite numerous here.

10. Golden Cave Temple is one of the most important attractions in Sri Lanka drawing recreational and religious tourists from all over the world. The Temple is really well-preserved and features a series of caves that are decorated with various Buddha depictions and statues.

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