Top 10 Things To Do in St Lucia Island

Things to Do in St Lucia1. Watersports – Watersports are one of the favorite things to do in St Lucia for visitors of all ages. The turqoise ocean and warm temperatures make the water very inviting, and these sports can include sailing, snorkeling, diving, and much more.

2. Watch The Whales and Dolphins – Whale watching and dolphin watching are one of the top things to do in St Lucia. The ocean surrounding the island is full of marine animals that are fascinating to watch.

Brig Unicorn3. Take a Sunset Cruise – Many St Lucia vacation packages include the option to take a cruise into the sunset. This can be very romantic, and the Brig Unicorn is one ship that offers these cruises. Cast off on a replica of a tall-sailed ship and be a pirate for a day. For any pirate aficionado a trip on the Brig Unicorn is one of the things to do in St Lucia. This 140 ft. replica vessel that appeared in “Roots” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” hoists the sails and journeys to Soufriere. At this stop you are given a tour of the Toraille Waterfall and Gardens, or the Diamond Botanical Gardens and the Sulfur Springs—depending on the tour. Guests are invited back to the Brig Unicorn for lunch and swimming. Once a day is a Pirate Day that is full of fun family activities, and a firing of the cannon in a mock battle against pirates.

Rainforest Sky Tram in St Lucia4. Ride The Rainforest Sky Tram – The Rainforest Sky Tram is one of the top things to do in St Lucia. There are any number of ways to take in the verdant Rainforests of St Lucia, but one of the more unique ones is the Rainforest Sky Tram trams take you up high into the forest canopy, starting from atop one of St Lucia’s peaks at 2,000 ft. Then the open-air gondolas gently wind their way through the rainforest, and glide by the tropical plant and animal life. Present on the gondola is also a knowledgeable tour guide to give-in depth facts and explanations of the rainforest around you. Several companies offer this service, and among the things to do in St. Lucia it is one of the few rainforest tours suitable for guests of limited mobility.

5. Take a Hike – A nature walk or hike is one of the most popular activities on the island, even for guests who choose St Lucia all inclusive packages. The natural beauty and scenery of the island makes it a fabulous place to wander and explore.

Mamiku Gardens6. Explore Mamiku Gardens – The verdant and vibrant Mamiku Gardens are one of the things to do in St. Lucia for both nature lovers and history lovers. The gardens originally belonged to a French governor of St Lucia named Baron de Micoud. When the British were primed to take the island, the Baron gave custody of his estate and gardens to his St Lucia-born wife, Madame Micoud. She was a popular lady of the town, and her local nickname “Ma Miku” eventually fell to her gardens as well. Today the gardens surround the ruins of the old estate, and are full of dozens of species of colorful plant life that attract equally colorful birds. A stroll through these gardens can be a tranquil and relaxing experience for both your mind and body.

7. Climb Mountains – Climbing mountains is one of the many popular things to do in St Lucia. The island has more than one mountain, and the experience is unforgettable when you reach the summit.

St Lucia Rainforest8. Explore St Lucia Rainforest – The St Lucia Rainforest is a tropical paradise, and when looking for things to do in St. Lucia, a tour of the forest s not to be overlooked. The original peoples of the Caribbean islands, the Arawak, feared the depths of the forests were sanctuaries for evil spirits, and thus for thousands of years the rainforests remained pristine. While today the forests are open for tours and exploration, the people of St. Lucia have worked to keep as much encroaching civilization from damaging the forests as possible. Multiple guided tours are available through various tour groups in order to walk the forest’s trails and learn of the myriad flora and fauna that call it home. The rainforest on St Lucia offers a diverse variety of plants and animals, including many exotic species of flowers not found in other parts of the world.

St Lucia Zipline9. St Lucia Zip Line Adventures – There are many things to do in St Lucia, but one of the top is the zip line adventures available. These adventures offer heart pounding excitement combined with awe and wonder. Tours of the St Lucia National Rainforest are varied, but none can match the excitement of flying through the dense, forest canopies on a St Lucia Zipline. Through the series of elevated platforms connected by zip lines, thrill seekers propel over the forest floor at exhilarating heights ranging from thirty to fifty feet; and guides are always present to ensure safety. Different sides of the island have different companies offering the tours, and some include hiking tours. For any adrenaline junkies, zip lines are one of the things to do in St Lucia that will satisfy any hunger for adventure.

10. Get Married or Enjoy a Honeymoon – A St Lucia honeymoon or wedding package can allow you to celebrate your special event with class and style.