Top 10 Things To Do in Tucson

Things to Do in TucsonTucson, Arizona, a town full of cultural heritage, restaurants and nightlife, is in the desert, but by no means is it deserted. This all inclusive list of the things to do in Tucson will give any visitor a guide to the escape of a Tucson vacation.

1. The Old Tucson Studios is a great location to find a piece of Hollywood in the Arizona desert. During certain times of the year you can even catch a live movie being filmed. There is dining, tours, shopping and interactive games at this one of a kind movie set.

2. Kit Peak National Observatory, the location of the world’s largest optical telescopes, offers visitors a unique look at the findings of astronomical researchers. Visitors can enjoy this observatory during the day or go nightly for the star gazing events.

3. The Wilderness area of Saguaro National Park is an area with over 35,000 acres of land to explore. Whether you are looking to discover the abundance of wildflowers that the area is known for or hike the 25 miles or terrain, this national park is a great way to spend a day outdoors.

4. Tucson’s Museum of Contemporary Art features yearly and monthly exhibitions featuring the best in artistic things to do in Tucson. While in town, try to catch one of their art talks. These lectures feature artist who present in the museum. Artists spend the evening explaining the techniques behind their art while visitors enjoy a glass of wine.

5. The best Tucson nightlife is near Broadway Blvd. Visitors can laugh at the comedy club or grab a quick drink at one of the stylish cafés.

6. Don’t miss the Tucson gun show. A few times a year, various gun clubs in Arizona feature a gun show in Tucson. At these shows, visitors can pick up shooting and hunting techniques as well as check out the latest in hunting materials.

7. If eating is on your list of things to do in Tucson, check out the Canal Street Pizzeria. Visitors are never disappointed with the variety of pizza and other Italian delectable cuisine. Voters have coined this place one of the best restaurants in Tucson at a reasonable price with a family atmosphere.

8. The Old Town Artisans walk around is a great way to explore some of the craft shops of Tucson. This gallery site is also near El Presidio Park. This park has an original Spanish fortress to explore. Spending an afternoon in this area would be a great way to explore Tucson by foot.

9. The variety of things to do in Tucson includes many Spanish buildings and historical sites. Try visiting to the Mission San Xavier del Bac, home to amazing Spanish architecture, or Barrio Historico, an area known for its Spanish artwork, as a way to experience the aesthetic pleasure of Tucson.

10. If you are walking around downtown Tucson, don’t miss a chance to eat at the oldest family-run Mexican restaurant in the United States, El Charro. This Tucson treasure serves only traditional Mexican food in a one of a kind atmosphere.