Top 10 Things To Do in Vancouver Canada Locals Recommend!

Things To Do in Vancouver CanadaThe things to do in Vancouver, Canada that locals recommend may not necessarily match up with what your expectations might be. That’s because you probably heard about all the places typically visited by tourists.

The top 10 things to do in Vancouver, Canada locals recommend are:

1. Stanley Park Seawall – Spending the day here is one of the fun things to do in Vancouver because it has so much to offer and will not be packed with tourists. Here you can walk or even bring your roller skates and stroll or skate along the path as you take in all of Downtown Vancouver.

2. Grandville Island – Just hop on the ferry and go directly to this artsy area of Vancouver where you are bound to uncover jewelry, arts and crafts and all kinds of handmade pottery. You are sure to run into many locals, those who cleverly avoid popular Vancouver tourist attractions and opt for a quiet day browsing or making a few purchases. There are even places to dine along the marina, while you enjoy a perfect sunset.

3. Gastown – This is where many undiscovered Vancouver landmarks lie, along the Victorian nooks and hidden crannies and courtyards. This is the oldest neighborhood in Vancouver and is filled with vintage clothiers as well as chic boutique owners. Taste the local delights at the Salt Tasting room and down a pint or two at the Irish Heather pub.

4. Yaletown – You might not find much about this town in the average Canada travel guide, but the locals are well aware of this wonderful neighborhood. It’s where the art galleries and many top restaurants are located, lining the cobbled streets.

5. Kitsilano – If you really want unique things to do in Vancouver, Canada, then head over to this area, also known as kits and enjoy the sidewalk cafes or take a dip in the waters off Kits Beach.

6. Chinatown – Looking for a taste of authentic Asian cuisine or just a touch of the culture? Chinatown is a great place to spend your day when looking for above average things to do in Vancouver, Canada, without being elbowed by too many tourists. Sip tea and enjoy the summer night market.

7. Inukshuk Gallery – If you really want to see authentic Aboriginal artwork, this is the only gallery in Vancouver that still features stunning totems, jewelry and more. All created by the original inhabitants of Vancouver.

8. Vancouver Dinner Cruise – If you must do something that other tourists do, this is acceptable. You can really get to see the beauty of the city at night and for a couple of hours, sail along the Vancouver Harbor as well as the Burrard Inlet.

9. Lynn Canyon – Home of the most exceptional suspension bridge surrounded by magnificent waterfalls and a number of hiking footpaths. It is never as crowded as the overly popular Capilano Suspension Bridge. It’s also free.

10. Wreck Beach – Finally, if you really want privacy and perhaps a nice, quiet night on a beach with a fire, this is the perfect spot for you and your love one. It is accessible by many buses or you can drive. The beauty is the fact that it is ‘clothing optional’ and the entire community looks out for each other.