Top 10 Things To Do in Wellington New Zealand

Things To Do in WellingtonThere are at least 10 things to do in Wellington, New Zealand, although this city is not as well known as Christchurch and Auckland. Still, spending time in this lovely area will not disappoint.

The top 10 things to do in Wellington, New Zealand include staying in first-class hotels and exploring the wilderness. Just read the list below and decide if you agree:

1. Visit Tongariro National Park – If you have the time, experience the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, which passes through different types of terrain, including volcanic and marshlands. You can also climb a crater.

2. Stay at the Bolton Hotel, Wellington – If you want elegance, class and pure luxury, this is the perfect hotel. You receive VIP treatment, exceptional cuisine and all of the technological advances you can imagine.

3. Check out the Museum of New Zealand – This free museum has all of the culture of New Zealand at one location. It is bold and interactive so people of all ages will enjoy spending the day here.

4. Climb Mount Kaukau – This is a favorite of the New Zealand tourist attractions because it makes you appreciate your surroundings, as you climb. This is a major hike, but the view from the summit is extraordinary.

5. See ZEALANDIA – This is a major conservation project where native birds, reptiles and other wildlife live in complete peace and harmony, free from predators.

6. Hike Mount Victoria – New Zealand is loaded with mountains and this one is another one of the top Wellington attractions. It is easier to handle than other mountains or craters and provides you with the option of seeing the entire city from all angles.

7. Smell the flowers – Wellington Botanic Garden is acres of fresh flowers and perfectly manicured landscapes. Since one of the great things to do in Wellington is taking pictures, you should have a number of chances here.

8. See the stars – Going to the Carter Observatory is another one of the many different things to do in Wellington. It is a decent size with a digital planetarium and space journeys that seem to go on forever.

9. Interact with wildlife – Attending a session at the Staglands Wildlife Reserve practically guarantees the opportunity to hand feed all types of exotic and native animals and birds.

10. See more animals – The Wellington Zoo is always a special treat, especially when you visit Monkey Island.