Top 10 Things To Do in Yellowstone National Park

Things To Do In YellowstoneThere are so many things to do in Yellowstone National Park because it is located in the most beautiful area of Wyoming. No matter where you go or where you turn, there are natural wonders.

The most exciting things to do in Yellowstone National Park involve the outdoors. You can take in exquisite sites and spend hours trekking throughout the great land. The landscape is marvelous and you never have the same views twice.

The top 10 things to do in Yellowstone are as follows:

1. Spend the day at Old Faithful – Yellowstone National Park geysers are literally overflowing. This is the top attraction. You can set your watch by the eruption.

2. Hike on of the trails – To truly experience Yellowstone National Park history, you need to be on foot. There are over 1100 miles of pathways and trails to choose.

3. Ride your bike – Since Yellowstone National Park wildlife is abundant, a bike ride is perfect. As you blaze the bike trails you can spot all kinds of woodland creatures and birds.

4. Camping – Yellowstone National Park lodging is best when you sleep outdoors. The camping sites are in the best locations. You can really feel at one with nature.

5. Visit Artist Point – One of the best things to do in Yellowstone National Park is to simply take in the views. Artist Point overlooks the entire canyon.

6. Ride on the lake – Spending time in a kayak allows you to see the entire area in just a few hours. You can even pack a lunch. You can see the hot springs and geysers. This helps you plan your activities for the next day.

7. Look for Wolves – You will need a guide for this, but the number of wolves is spectacular. Watch them hunt, play and prowl.

8. Fly-fishing – Avid sports lovers will enjoy the fly-fishing adventures. The park has more than 100 lakes and miles of streams and rivers. The fish include lake trout, rainbow and brook trout as well.

9. Spend time during the winter months –Yellowstone has plenty to do during the winter. You can cross-country ski or attach snowshoes and hike many trails.

10. Mammoth Hot Springs –The best time is early in the morning, you have time to walk the boardwalk and explore the peaceful area. The hot water seems to change color before your eyes.