Top 10 Things To Do in Zagreb

Things To Do in ZagrebBeing that this is the Capital City of Croatia, there are plenty of things to do in Zagreb, but most of them revolve around the deep culture and quiet beauty of this suburban area.

The top 10 things to do in Zagreb include:

1. Spend a few hours at the Museum of Contemporary Art – Dedicated back in 2009, this is a huge, 5,000 square mile museum that includes countless exhibitions, a multi-media room, library, children’s workshop and boutique. It’s one of the top Zagreb attractions because it was built by Igor Franic, an architect from Croatia who used his inspiration of the other cultural institutions as a framework for this building.

2. Hunt for fresh bargains at Dolac Market – Of all the places to visit in Croatia and specifically, Zagreb, this market is always going to be at the top of the list. It is their primary market and is also a local landmark. All farmers come for miles to sell their goods, which consist of fish, cheese, meats, cream and all types of vegetables and fruits.

3. Spend a day at the spa at the Westin – The Westin is the most polished of all Zagreb hotels and offers world-class service to their guests. They offer both Finnish and Turkish saunas as well as facials, manicures and pedicures.

4. Do what the locals do at the Green Horseshoe – Listen to live music on the weekends played by a marvelous orchestra, dance and admire those in their 19th Century, vintage costumes. Check your Croatia travel guide for performance dates and times.

5. Take in the history of Ulica Ilica – Other things to do in Zagreb entail strolling through this special square with the longest road in town. You can also visit the Oktogon Arcade, which is another landmark.

6. Pay homage to the Virgin at the Stone Gate – One of the more religious things to do in Zagreb is to visit the Stone Gate and stand in awe of the donors who have placed numbers of plaques in stone.

7. See the famous sarcophagus at Cathedral and Cardinal Stepinac – In the past, when Croatia paid their allegiance to Yugoslavia, the original cathedral was built. Today, the nationalist state of Croatia has rebuilt their independence and cathedral. This is where Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac remains.

8. See over 10,000 botanical wonders at the Botanical Gardens – This has been around since 1189 and holds the largest number of plants and flowers in the entire area. It is uniquely different and is a great place to rest and relax.

9. Have a drink of Velebitsko – This German beer brewer set up shop in Croatia during 1997 and has such a following that locals will come for miles just for a sip. It is the only microbrewery that serves Velebitsko exclusively.

10. Meet the 300,000 fallen – A trip to Mirogoj will bring you face-to-face with 300,000 religious souls of various backgrounds. It is an architectural wonder as your eyes traces ivy-covered walls and monuments galore, including Stjepan Radic, a famous politician murdered in 1928.