Top 10 Things To Do Near Las Vegas

Things To Do Near Las VegasIf you are planning a week long vacation in the Sin City and you want to explore the attractions nearby, check out our list of top 10 things to do near Las Vegas.

1. Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas are considered one of the best things to do near Las Vegas that should not be missed. If you have a few short days to spare in Las Vegas, opt for one of many helicopter adventures that will let you admire the true beauty of the Grand Canyon within a short ride. Combo Grand Canyon tours could be booked that include nearby attraction exploration, sunset dinner or champagne toast.

2. Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas offer an incredible opportunity to witness one of the greatest engineering creations of mankind. Choose from a plethora of tours that can also include visiting other nearby attractions. Helicopter tours are especially popular giving you a chance to admire the beauty of the area from high above.

3 Valley of Fire Tours are one of things to do near Las Vegas to enjoy a true desert experience. Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest State Park that features amazing rock formations and an abundance of wildlife including deer, coyotes, mustangs and many others.

4. Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas Is located mere 20 miles west from the historical downtown of Vegas. If you are a true nature lover at heart and seeking escape from busy lights of Las Vegas, head to the Red Rock Canon area where you drive along the scenic route, hike, horseback ride and even set rock-climbing.

5. Lake Mead has been labeled the biggest lake in the world that has been artificially created. Lake Mead sets the perfect stage for true outdoorsmen looking for things to do near Las Vegas and to escape hustle and bustle of busy Las Vegas, including boating, hiking, biking and camping.

6. Ghost Mining Towns are also great things to do near Las Vegas. Deeply intertwined in the Gold Rush Era history, these ghost towns feature dilapidated buildings, deserted mining sites and old saloon buildings for visitors to see to get in touch with history.

7. Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, Nevada is a rather curious experience offering its visitors mad zipline dashes with the help of their incredible flight lines staged at the majestic Southwestern terrain some 1000 feet above the ground. The experience is not for everyone but nevertheless a great thing to do for a change from regular shopping and gambling in Las Vegas.

8. Grand Canyon Rafting tour is a fantastic slow paced exploration of the Colorado River unlike turbulent whitewater rafting. In this tour you will be comfortably seated in a pontoon-like water raft so you can kick back and enjoy the ride.

9. Death Valley Adventure Tour is an amazing 9 hour long exploration of one of the driest and hottest deserts in the world. Learn about unique flora that inhibits the Death Valley, ghost mining sites and other facts about the area.

10. Zion National Park is an unforgettable tour that is intended for nature lovers and photographers craving to capture towering sandstone cliffs, canyons and incredible geological wonders.

And surely being on a vacation in Vegas you should not miss a lot of attractions inside the Sin City. Here is a Las Vegas must see list.