Top 10 Things To Do on Phuket Holidays in Thailand

Phuket Holidays1. Explore Phang Nga Bay – One of the most popular activities for Phuket holidays is to explore Phang Nga Bay. You can do this by boat, or you can enjoy a plane ride over the area with a bird’s eye view of everything.

2. Relax on The Beach – The Patong Beach Hotel Phuket is an ideal vacation destination if you want to relax and enjoy the beach. This hotel attracts visitors from all around the world, and is right on the beach.

3. Visit Phi Phi Island – Many Phuket holidays include a trip to Phi Phi Island. The natural beauty of the island makes it a paradise.

4. Tour The Area By Scooter – Cheap holidays in Thailand are possible. If you travel to Thailand and have a limited budget, rent a scooter and tour the area for a lot less. You can visit places tourists may never see, and enjoy a very memorable vacation.

5. Enjoy The Local Cuisine and Fine Dining – Dining plays a role in numerous Phuket holidays. There are many restaurants and other eateries to choose from, and a wide range of cuisine types to please any palate.

6. See The Nightlife – The nightlife in Phuket is extraordinary, especially if you choose one of the Thailand all inclusive vacations at the local resorts. You can dance, drink, and socialize the night away and have a great time.

7. Phuket Fantasea – Phuket holidays almost always include a visit to Phuket Fantasea. This is the first cultural theme park offered in Thailand, and well worth a visit.

8. Take A Ferry Ride – A ferry ride is a popular activity during visits to the area. Phuket vacation rentals are numerous and can be inexpensive, and a ferry ride is a cheap way to see the local sights and wonders.

9. Scuba Dive and Snorkel – Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular during Phuket holidays. The diversity of the marine life and clear waters surrounding the island make it a great spot for underwater exploration.

10. Enjoy The Local Festivals – Phuket holds a number of different festivals each year, and these are fascinating to see. Most of the Phuket hotels can inform you of when a specific festival will occur.