Top 10 Things To Do on Yangtze River Cruise

Yangtze River Cruise1. Relax and Enjoy The River Cruise – A Yangtze River cruise offers beautiful scenery as you travel in the water. You will see many wondrous sights and historical areas as you float past numerous cities along the river.

2. Take a Shore Excursion – One of the common activities on China river cruises is to take a shore excursion, to shop and explore some of the cities situated along the river.

3. Visit Silk Weaving Factories – There are a number of silk weaving factories located along the river. A Yangtze River cruise can include tours so you can see firsthand just how silk is made. China is well known for this fabric, and these tours are a fascinating experience.

4. Socialize With Other Cruise Passengers – China tourism is famous for friendly social activities. While you cruise down the Yangtze River you will enjoy many social occasions with other guests. Dining, dancing, and other social activities are held regularly on these cruises.

5. Visit The Pagoda At Shiboazhai – One of the biggest attractions with a Yangtze River cruise is a stop at Shiboazhai. The pagoda here is situated on the side of an incredibly steep cliff, for an awe inspiring view.

6. Yangtze River Three Gorges Dam – This dam was only recently finished, and it is an incredible sight, whether seen by land or boat. The dam is considered one of the biggest building projects in history for China, compared to the Great Wall of China in size and scope by some.

7. Enjoy Authentic Regional Cuisine – Authentic cuisine from the different regions is a common attraction during a Yangtze River cruise. Many exotic and delicious dishes can be sampled from a variety of locales.

8. Visit Tibet as a Side Trip – Tibet tours can be a great side trip to a river cruise. Tibet is a beautiful country, with friendly people and many mountains and attractions.

9. The Ghost City of Fengdu – A Yangtze River cruise should include a stop at the Ghost City. The numerous structures and fascinating history guarantees you a memorable experience.

10. The Trading Port of Yichang – One of the biggest China tourist attractions along the Yangtze River is the trading port in the city of Yichang. The excitement and frantic activity here is a top choice for tourists.