Top 10 Things To Include in Amalfi Coast Honeymoon Itinerary

Amalfi Coast Honeymoon1. The Blue Grotto- Any Amalfi Coast honeymoon should include a visit to the Blue Grotto. This sea cave is famous around the globe, and is known for the distinctive blue color that the water has in the cave. This can be a very romantic attraction for honeymooners.

2. Mount Vesuvius- Mount Vesuvius facts include the city of Pompeii and others, which the mountain covered in ash and debris from a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. A visit to this mountain can be a very unique experience.

3. The Capuchin Monastery- This monastery is set high on the cliffs above the town, and dates back to the 12th century. You can enjoy a romantic lift ride up to the structure, and then marvel over the history and beauty of the location.

4. Positano- No Amalfi Coast honeymoon would be complete without experiencing the exquisite village of Positano. This village consists of homes that cling to the slopes of the cliffs and hills, seeming to achieve an impossible feat.

5. Pompeii Tours- The ancient city is now an archaeological site, and can be a very exciting place to explore. You will find homes, artifacts, and other remnants of the city that was located here before the volcano erupted.

6. The Beaches- The Amalfi Coast offers many exquisite beaches, perfect for relaxing and lounging in the sun. The beaches along this coast can play a role in any honeymoon, and a moonlit stroll along one of these beaches is sure to kindle romance.

7. Hiking Trails- One of the biggest attractions with an Amalfi Coast honeymoon is all of the natural beauty that this area involves. There are many hiking trails available, so you can get away from it all and really enjoy the views and landscapes that this scenic area offers.

8. Water Sports- Amalfi Coast vacations are ideal for anyone who enjoys the water. There are many water sports that can be enjoyed along this coast, including cruises and boating. An evening dinner cruise or moonlit sail can be very romantic.

9. Capri- Capri should be included on the itinerary for any Amalfi Coast honeymoon, because of the beauty and romance that this island offers. There is a natural rock bridge here that has been described as an elaborate natural wonder.

10. Amalfi Coastal Drive- Any honeymoon should include a stay at one of the Amalfi Coast Villa rentals, and a drive along the scenic Amalfi Coastal Drive. This road is very dramatic, with high mountains, steep cliffs, and many winding turns. The scenery along the drive is incredible, and very romantic.