Top 10 Toronto Nightlife Hot Spots

Toronto NightlifeWhen looking for the best Toronto nightlife, undoubtedly, clubs, bars and even certain restaurants will automatically come to mind. Toronto has some of the best of all of these and the diversity is simply remarkable.

Here is the list of the top 10 Toronto nightlife hotspots:

1. Tryst Nightclub – The best in Toronto nightlife because it is a combination of garden and labyrinth which allows you to party under the starry night sky. It is truly enchanting and dazzling. Opulence and extravagance are the two words that best describe the décor and ambiance. It is best to dress to impress when attending this A-list nightclub.

2. Dolce Social Ballroom – Another favorite of the Toronto nightlife scene because of the eclectic group who gather here. It changes throughout the night, from social elite to house party. All ages area accepted and the music is innovative and clever.

3. Fiction Club – One of the newest Toronto nightclubs that has already received exceptional reviews. The music ranges from hip hop, to house, to top 40 and electro. Depending on the level you visit, your experience will differ. Drinks can be pricey, but the atmosphere makes up for the cost.

4. Club V – This is a great choice to experience Toronto nightlife. Part of the magic happens outdoors, within the massive lounge area. The décor includes a huge waterfall and a VIP lounge that beckons all to enjoy. The capacity is also quite grand. At any time, 357 party goers can dance the night away without feeling crushed.

5. Product Nightclub – This is one of the fun things to do in Toronto for those between 19 and 25. That is the general age group for this club where style meets sophistication under the guise of hard rock and ear popping dance Electra music.

6. Proof Vodka Bar – This is one of the Toronto bars that provide some of the most diverse types of vodkas along with a great deal of creative cocktails. The interior is sleek in design and the windows face Bloor Street, a very popular area for the hippest, trendiest crowd.

7. The Foundation Room – This is a very smart and chic Morroccan lounge with a location within the St. Lawrence Market, historic downtown section of Toronto. They feature music like hip hop. New R&B as well as the classics.

8. 1812 Lounge – This lounge offers 4 separate areas for entertaining. The Wellington Ballroom, Rooftop Lounge, Screening Room and 3rd Floor Terrace. Each provides specialties, like the Terrace has 5300 square feet that look over Victoria Memorial Park. The Rooftop Lounge has exceptional views of both Lake Ontario and the skyline of Toronto.

9. Rich Nightclub – A very exclusive nightclub for those who don’t mind spending $100 to $125 per bottle. They do offer ladies night on Saturdays, so ladies get in free. They also have a retractable roof and outside space on the patio.

10. The Drake Hotel – Believe it or not, many hotels in Toronto are starting to take to the night scene beyond great dining. The Drake Hotel offers a wonderful cultural experience as well as concerts in the downstairs basement.