Top 10 Tourist Places in India

Tourist Places in IndiaLocated in South Asia, India offers a rich history of vast empires, trade routes, beautiful coastline and culture to the travelers no matter if you favor staying in nice comfy hotels or backpacking around India. India offers a zesty melange of sensory experiences. It will amaze you, shock you and mingle in your memory forever. The land of contrasts, it will astonish you with glitz, glamour and poverty that have managed to co-exist for thousands of years.

Below we break down the top ten tourist places in India. Knowing where to visit will help travelers compile their backpacking packing list and be prepared for their journey.

1. Delhi – Delhi serves as one of the best places to visit in India while backpacking. Even seasoned travelers who have spent time backpacking around Europe and America find Delhi one of the best places to visit. Delhi serves as the culinary capital of India as well as the location of some of the most famous battles throughout history. Pay a tribute to Red Fort Delhi, Humayun’s Tombs; tour Jama Masjid Mosque, enhale floral aromas at the Lodi Gardens and find tranquility at one of the local temples.

2. Agra – Located within a three hour car ride if traffic permits, Agra is second on the list in most Indian Triangle tours. Among the most popular places to visit in India, Taj Mahal is a majestic, perfectly symmetrical architectural creation of immortal love. Across the River visitors can see no less impressive Agra Fort and a short bus ride away will bring you to the City of Victory Fatehpuh Sekri with its fascinating tombs, forts and temples.

3. Jaipur – Another stop on the Golden Triangle route, Jaipur is the Pink City with its fine selection of red stone buildings. Amber Fort is its main draw welcoming visitors to see its impressive facade and even more astonishing interior. Jantar Mantar is second most popular landmark showcasing a dozen of devices for measuring positions of the stars, predicting solar eclipse and weather.

4. Chennai (formerly Madras) – Beaming with excellent cultural attractions, this South Indian City is a lovely place to experience diverse Indian dancing, singing and art. Beaches are Chennai’s second draw, however, do not assume you can enjoy swimming everywhere since it is restricted due to strong underwater currents. There are lots of religions landmars in the city like the Church of St Mary’s, Big Mosque and a handful of large and small temples. Government Museum, National Art Gallery and several major zoological parks will keep travelers entertained for several days.

5. Bangalore (Bengaluru) – Bangalore is one of the top places to visit in India because of its unique mix of contemporary and traditional culture, some of the best culinary venues and shopping scenes. Here you will find a nice melange of attractions to keep you engaged, including Lal Bagh Gardens with its unique flora, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath art gallery proud to display works of art by Indian, Asian and Western artists, and Krishnarejendra Market with its vivid palette of goods, foods and crafts.

6. Mumbai – Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, offers several holy places, monuments, gardens, and beaches to visit during your next travel India experience. The financial heart of the country is among the premiere places to visit in India for rich and powerful locals and wealthy westerners. No tourist goes without taking a peek at the Gateway of India famous Arch, mingling and haggling at the Colaba market or Elephant Island temples.

7. Goa – Goa is famous for its beaches and churches and reminds some people of nearby Sri Lanka. A place of tropical beach paradise entices with its coastline, colonial architecture and a nice selection of diverse attractions. Experienced Goa travelers look beyond pristine beach scene and set to explore landmarks like Church of St Cajetan built to replicate the iconic St Peter’s church in Rome, Cotigao and Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuaries and Savoi Spice Plantation inviting its guests to sample all organic treats.

8. Hyderabad – This location offers a perfect blend of old world tradition and modern living. If you are searching for fun weekend getaways in India this city can be a good place to go. From Adhra Pradesh State Museum to Birla Mandir Temple and Hyderabad Botanical Gardens you will have plenty of places to visit. Hyderabad is a pearl lovers paradise offering incredible and rare types of pearls for sale. Indian cuisine connoisseurs will not be disappointed to try top notch biryani or mutton kebabs at one of the roof top restaurants. For true Bollywood lovers, Ramoji Film City is one of the major places to visit in India providing excellent tours on the sets of your favorite Indian movies.

9. Kolkata (Calcutta) – Either way you spell it, the cultural capital of the Indian Nation and the second largest city in the country offers a whimsical melting pot of experiences such as Bengali performing arts, delectable regional cuisine and a nice serving of colonial architecture. Visitors will not be disappointed to see fantastic exhibits at the Indian Museum in Kolkata, Belur Math Ramakrishna religious center, Mother Theresa Mission Museum and very popular among western tourists Victoria Memorial.

10. Varanasi – For thousands of years one of the oldest cities on the planet has been the destination of holy pilgrimage of people seeking religions revelation, peace and spirituality. There are many temples on the shores of Ganges River in the Holy City of Lord Shiva. While Durga Temple and Bharat Mata Temple are two major temples for Hindu followers, Alamgir Mosque offers nice insights in the historical Mughal Empire who practiced Islam.

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