Top 10 Unusual Things To Do In London

Unusual Things To Do In LondonEach city is unique in its own special way and London is no different. There are things that we love to do in the city, things we can do without and let’s face it, there are also some unusual things to do in London; that the rest of the world scratches their head about.

Check out our list and see if you agree.

  • World’s Smallest Police Station – Over in Trafalgar Square if you look closely you’ll see it. The Square has always been a place for demonstrations and protests, so this hidden in plain sight police station was constructed to allow policemen to go inside and have the ability to peer out and see what’s happening.
  • Buckingham Palace Guard – Many people know that the guards are in place to protect the royal family and for years it was common place to pester the guards by acting silly in order to make them laugh, move or speak. Some people don’t realize some Buckingham Palace facts about the guards… they are all actually members of the British military. If more people knew this, we doubt they would behave so silly.
  • London Dungeon – This tour is perhaps one of the most unusual things to do in London as it highlights the bad and the ugly and just skips right over anything good. It covers over 1,000 years of gory killing sprees or horrible deaths that have taken place in the city.
  • British Museum – A worldwide collection of nearly 8 million pieces of work. It is said that the museum has the most comprehensive body of work than any other museum. Additionally adding to the oddity is that the museum is completely free to visitors.
  • Jack The Ripper Tour – We guess people will pay money for anything, so why not this too. This tour focuses on the life of Jack the Ripper, an unknown serial killer that stalked the streets of London in 1888 slaying people and leaving 5 bodies behind him.
  • Thames River Cruise – The history of the river may make you think twice about that river cruise. It has been the scene of some pretty gruesome crimes over the years, which makes this among very unusual things to do in London; however the popularity continues to rise.
  • Sherlock Holmes Museum – A small museum entirely dedicated to a fictional character, or was he? Strangely enough, the jury is still out on that one.
  • The London Nose – Yes this is as strange as it sounds. A series of noses are strategically placed around the city and for years, no one knew why. One can even be seen on the Admiralty Arch. Finally the creator publically announced that it was in protest of the “nosey” closed circuit tv cameras that where being installed around the city.
  • Old Operating Theater – More gory and gruesome unusual things to do in London. This place is the site of where doctors would perform surgeries on patients with a full audience of students watching.
  • Ceremony of the keys – The Tower of London is the home of the precious Crown Jewels. While the royal monarchy no longer resides there, the jewels and other value items must be protected at all times. The ceremony has occurred nightly for the past 700 years whereas the Tower is secured and the keys are put away for safe keeping. Tickets must be reserved in advance to attend this ceremony.

We warned you that some of these unusual things to do in London are real head scratchers. It’s even stranger that some of the attractions charge an admission to watch.