Top 10 Valencia Attractions You Should Not Miss

Valencia AttractionsValencia, the third largest city in Spain, attracts flocks of tourists each year due its perfect location right near the shore of Mediterranean Sea. Valencia tourist attractions are numerous but we compiled a short list of hand-selected top 10 that suit every visitor’s taste.

Valencia Old Town1. Valencia Old Town – Old Town, also called the Old Quarter, is one of the top Valencia attractions. Historic architecture and a glimpse at what this city looked like long ago, as well as the many shops and eateries, make this a popular attraction. There are many activities for tourists in Valencia Old Town. Guests of this beautiful city can visit the Valencia Opera House, the Valencia Aquarium as well as the Mercando Central Market. This market is the largest market in Valencia. Even if visitors don’t buy any of the many items in this market they can enjoy the architecture of the building. The Mercando Central Market is covered in ceramics and stained glass windows. Visitors cannot leave without touring the Santa Catalina Church and Tower. The tower on this church marks the entrance to Valencia Old Town. While vacationing in this area, visitors will find many historical yet beautifully preserved hotels to stay in.

Cathedral of Valencia2. Cathedral of Valencia – One of the most beautiful and spiritual places to go is the Cathedral of Valencia. A visit to the Cathedral of Valencia is high on the list of top attractions in this city. It is thought that the Cathedral of Valencia is the home of the Holy Grail. While the Cathedral Valencia is not a museum, visitors to this place cannot help but be awed by the history and beauty of the building. The building itself is a combination of Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic styles of architecture. There is also a lot of 15th century art displayed inside Cathedral Valencia. Whether visitors go to Cathedral Valencia for spiritual enlightening or just to enjoy the architecture and beauty of the building, they will not be disappointed.

The Largest Aquarium In Europe3. The Largest Aquarium in Europe – Whether you are a permanent resident of Valencia or just there on vacation, one of the best Valencia attractions is the Largest Aquarium in Europe, also called L’Oceanografic. Visitors will enjoy the beauty of the various forms of marine life to be found in the largest aquarium in Europe. In L’Ocenografic there are more than 45,000 examples of over 500 different marine species. Some of these include sharks, Beluga Whales, walruses and sea lions just to name a few. The aquarium was created as a leisure, training and research center. After a long day of exploring the largest aquarium in Europe, visitors can also enjoy the shops and restaurants. Of these restaurants, there is also the wonderful underwater restaurant where guests may eat dinner surrounded by an immense aquarium.

Turia Gardens4. Turia Gardens – There are many attractions that will awe and entertain visitors to Valencia, Spain. The Turia Gardens is one place that you do not want to miss. The Turia Gardens were created when the Turia River overflowed in 1957. Once the river was diverted it left more than a million square meters of destroyed land. This area was made into a park complete with flowers, ponds as well as sports facilities. The beautiful Botanical Gardens are also included in this area and have more than three thousand species as well as over seven thousand trees and shrubs. Turia Gardens is a great place to walk through and enjoy the landscape as well as the flora and fauna. A stop by the Turia Gardens is a sure must-do if you are in Valencia.

Barrio Del Carmen5. Barrio Del Carmen – One of the most popular tourist destinations in Valencia is the Barrio Del Carmen. While visiting the Barrio Del Carmen, tourists will have a chance to visit the Convent of Carmen which is the major center for arts and culture in Valencia. Another destination that visitors will not want to miss is IVAM which is the Valencian Institute of Modern Art. Once visitors have had a long day of enjoying the history and culture of Barrio Del Carmen, they can stop at any of the wonderful restaurants and cafes in the area. While this area of the city is very quiet and relaxing during the day, at night it comes to life and is buzzing with excitement. You can eat, drink, and dance the night away here, right along with everyone else.

La Lonja De La Seda6. La Lonja De La Seda – One of the things that visitors of Valencia don’t want to miss is visiting the La Lonja De La Seda. This means the Silk Exchange. The La Lonja De La Seda was built between 1482 and 1533 and is a group of buildings that were originally used for trading silk and is where the name came from. This ancient indoor market is one of the top Valencia attractions, and a favorite for locals as well as visitors. The exquisite architecture and interesting designs are fascinating. This beautiful piece of architecture is done in the late Gothic style and is a treat to see. The lonja or market is also the seat of the Cultural Academy of Valencia and an avenue for exhibitions for cultural events.

Las Fallas De Valencia7. Las Fallas De Valencia – If you want to see one of the top festivals in this city, Las Fallas, then you may want to stay for some time. This is a huge festival that takes place every year between March 13th and 19th. Of all of the festivals and fiestas that occur in Spain, the Las Fallas De Valencia is the largest and most looked forward to. The Fallas which are used during the festival are enormous papier mache, wood and wax characatures of Spanish social and political current affairs. There are seven different stages of the Las Fallas De Valencia. These include the nomination and proclamation of the falls queens, the exhalation, the crida, and the cavalcade of the Ninot, the offering of flowers, the planta and the crema. The crema is the very end of the festival as well as the most celebrated part.

8. The Museum of Natural Sciences – Situated in the Royal gardens, the Museum of Natural Sciences is now considered one of Spain landmarks because of the beautiful setting and everything else offered by this attraction.

9. The Bullring – Bullfighting in Spain is a tradition that goes back many years, and the bullring is located right next to the train station. Even if you do not want to watch a bullfight in progress, you would be missing out by not visiting the bullring.

10. The Beaches of Valencia – Top Valencia attractions will always include the beaches of this city. White sand and a fantastic temperature make the beaches world famous.

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